Pending Permit Progress Report

The content of this report provides the user with real time access to information regarding applications that are under review by the DEP. Land Use permit applications are available only if received January 1, 2006 or later.

In conjunction with the DEP’s permitting standardization process, this report displays standard tasks required during the review process of any type of permit application along with the completed date and person assigned to complete the task.

The standard tasks are:

  • Receive Application
  • Start Administrative Review
  • Send Notice of Administrative Deficiency (NAD)

  • Receive Response to NAD

  • End Administrative Review

  • Start Technical Review

  • Send Notice of Technical Deficiency (NTD)

  • Receive Response to NTD

  • End Technical Review

  • Start Public Input

  • End Public Input

  • Issue Final Decision

  • In addition, it provides a single point of contact for questions regarding each application as well a “clock” information that consists of the following data elements:

    Days Allotted – The number of days, whether regulatory or Program commitment, DEP expects to reach a final decision on this application.

    Days Elapsed – The number of days that have passed during the review process, that excludes any days during a public hearing or where DEP is waiting to receive deficient information.

    Days Remaining – The number of days remaining for DEP to make a decision based on the Days Allotted.

    Permit Review Status – This data element will display “In Process” or “Backlogged.” In Process indicates that a final decision has not been made and the DEP has not exceeded the Days Allotted to make a decision. Backlogged indicates that that a final decision has not been made and the DEP has exceeded the Days Allotted to make a decision.

    Lastly, the report incorporates color coding of Red to identify an event that would stop the clock and Green to identify an event that would start the clock.