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Division A Fire Towers

Bearfort Station
US 244, New Jersey 6
Newark Watershed (Pequannock Watershed)
Passaic County, New Jersey
Elevation: 1331 feet
The original lookout on Bearfort Mountain -- circa 1880 -- was a wooden platform or tree lookout. The Newark, NJ Watershed Department built an iron frame tower in 1909, and replaced with a 50’ wooden tower, which burned in 1932. A tree platform was used until the current 68’ steel tower was built in 1934. It is a McClintock-Marshall design and may have been supplied by Aermotor under contract. Bearfort remains an active lookout with over a century of service.

Budd Lake Station
US 246, New Jersey 8
Morris County, New Jersey
Elevation: 1182 feet
Originally known in 1905 as the “95 Mile Tree Lookout” because of its location at Mile 95 of the old state turnpike on the west shore of New Jersey’s largest fresh water lake, Budd Lake has served as a lookout point for 92 years. The current 60’ steel Aermotor tower with 7’ x 7’ metal cab was constructed in 1924. It is the only lookout in the state equipped with an Osborne Fire Finder.

Catfish Station
US 247, New Jersey 9
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Warren County, New Jersey
Elevation: 1555 feet
Located on the Appalachian Trail in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Catfish Fire Tower was constructed in 1922, replacing a wooden tower. In 1993 the 7’ x 7’ cab was rebuilt on this 60’ Aermotor LS-40 tower.

Culvers Station
US 44, New Jersey 1
Stokes State Forest
Sussex County, New Jersey
Elevation: 1509 feet
Culvers Lookout was originally established in 1908 and the site was first known as Normanook Fire Tower. In 1918, a steel tower was constructed and was staffed by a state observer. The present Aermotor 47' tower, with a 7'x7' cab, was erected in 1933. The lookout is located in the Appalachian Trail corridor in Stokes State Forest.

Greystone Station
US 553, New Jersey 12
Union Hill
Denville, New Jersey
Elevation: 909 feet
Greystone Station fire tower was built by the NJ Forest Fire Service in 1937. The top 47’ and 7’x7’ metal cab was moved from the Edison fire tower (1920s), with an extended base provided by the Aermotor Co. increasing the height of the rebuilt tower to 92’ It is the tallest fire tower in northern New Jersey.

Milton Station
US 563, New Jersey 16
Morris County Park
Morris County, New Jersey
Elevation: 1341 feet
Back in 1937 the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed the Milton Station Fire Tower under the Woodlands Protective Expansion Project. The 80’ International Derrick tower with 7’x7’ metal cab is on Morris County park property. The Milton Station Fire Tower is the key tower in high value urban and wildand interface within the northern New Jersey region. It can see every other tower of the seven towers in the Division, as well as the Sterling Fire Tower, the last remaining active lookout tower in New York.

Ramapo Station
US 45, New Jersey 2
Ramapo Mountain State Forest
Passaic County, New Jersey
Elevation: 1011 feet
Ramapo Lookout was previously known as the Wind-beam Lookout (1920) and has been moved twice in its history. It has occupied its present location since 1983. The LS-40 Aermotor, with 7'x7' cab, is located on the Ramapo Mountain State Forest just south of the New York state line.


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