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Division B Fire Towers

Apple Pie Hill Station
US 564, New Jersey 17
Tabernacle Township.
Burlington County, New Jersey
Elevation: 179 feet
Originally there was a cupola lookout on Apple Pie Hill overlooking the NJ Pinelands Reserve, built about 1912. In 1950 the present 60’ Aermotor tower with 7’x7’ metal cab was moved from Big Hill where it first stood in 1938. Like most NJ towers, it is painted red and white.

Bass River Station
US 243, New Jersey 5
Bass River State Forest
Burlington County, New Jersey
Elevation: 47 feet
Bass River Fire Tower is located on the Bass River State Forest just off the Garden State Parkway in southern New Jersey. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed it in 1937, reportedly in just 11 days. The 80 steel tower with 7’ x 7’ metal cab is a McClintock-Marshall style but has an Aermotor Co. nameplate. It is in active service.

Batsto Mansion House Station
US 79, New Jersey 3
Batsto Village State Historic Site
New Jersey
Elevation: 72 feet
When it comes to fancy living quarters, New Jersey’s Batsto Manor House Lookout takes the prize. When the NJ Forest Fire Service was locating lookout sites in the flammable Pine Barrens, the imposing mansion of the iron master at the old Batsto Iron Works caught their eye. Actually, the widow’s walk on top of the manor house had been used to look for fires during dry spells for many years and may be one of the oldest detection sites in the nation. The 9’x9' enclosed wooden cab was constructed in 1919 and used for fire detection until 1924 when the Batsto Fire Tower was constructed nearby.

Batsto Station
US 565, New Jersey 18
Wharton State Forest
Burlington County, New Jersey
Elevation: 70 feet'
The first lookout in this area was a rooftop observation floor on the Batsto iron maker’s mansion, which may have been used for fire detection as early at the 1840’s. In 1919 a 10’x10’ wooden cab was added at the lookout went into regular service (NHLR US#79, NJ# 3). It was soon recognized that more height was needed, and the 60’ Basto Station Fire Tower went into service in 1924. It was later raised again to a full 100’ feet and is in active service.

Cedar Bridge Station
US 248, New Jersey 10
Ocean County, New Jersey
Elevation: 204 feet
The original Cedar Bridge Fire Tower was built seven miles south of the present location in 1924. It was moved three times, coming to this site -- south of Lakehurst Naval Air Station -- in 1987. The 100’ International Derrick steel tower with 7’x7’ metal cab has an unusual wooden gable roof. It is still in active service.

Jamesburg Station
US 554, New Jersey 13
Thompson Park
Jamesburg, New Jersey
Elevation: 48 feet
Originally erected as the Old Bridge fire tower in 1942 under the wartime security program, this LS-42 60’ Aermotor tower may even have an as yet unconfirmed earlier life dating to 1924. In 1963 it was moved to its present location as the NJFFS Jamesburg Station fire tower and is in active service. In is one of four Aermotor cabs known to have an unusual small windowpane design.

Lakewood Station
US 555, New Jersey 14
Lakewood, New Jersey
Elevation: 136 feet
Five employees of Jersey Central Power and Light Company built the Lakewood Station fire tower in 1944 for $360! The construction of the 80’ Aermotor tower with 7’x7’ metal cab was to be done “after normal working hours” in two weeks. In 1974 this NJFFS tower was moved 300’ because of a property dispute and remains active. During World War II the tower was used to listen to German U-boat communications in the Atlantic Ocean 12 miles to the east.

Lebanon Station
US 556, New Jersey 15
Brendan Byrne State Forest
New Jersey
At 54 years, Lebanon Station fire tower is one of New Jersey’s oldest. The NJFFS 80’ Aermotor tower with 7’x7’ metal cab replaced the old Four Mile tower overlooking the fire-prone “pinelands.” In recent years a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) era pine plantation grew to 80’ tall, restricting the view. A timely timber harvest restored the vista and supplied lumber for a variety of state project.

Medford Station
US 568, New Jersey 21
Piper's Corner
Burlington County, New Jersey
Elevation: 141 feet
Plans for the Medford Station Fire Tower were set in 1940, but construction was not accomplished until 1948 after World War II. The 100’ Aermotor tower with 7’x7’ metal cab is in active service.

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