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School Radon Testing Program

Following Procedures: Windows and Doors

Due to initial reports that testers have found windows open during the testing period while testing schools for radon, it is essential that school administrators understand the following.

Open windows may make testing invalid - Radon is a gas that is sensitive to air flow and pressure. Open windows or exterior doors (except for normal entering and exiting) may significantly affect radon results. Test results may be higher or lower than results from testing done with the building properly closed.

Open windows will be reported in the test results to schools Any open windows, or any exterior doors left open for long periods, should be reported by the tester to the certified radon measurement business. The business will then include a statement in their report to schools that the building was not properly closed during testing, which may make the test results invalid. In such cases, parents or staff may insist that testing be repeated to obtain valid results.

What can you do to ensure that windows and doors are kept closed?

  1. Have the principal meet with staff to discuss the importance of keeping windows and exterior doors closed (except for normal entering and exiting) during radon testing.
  2. Place signs around the building as reminders to keep windows and doors closed. Attached is a sample sign that can be used.

If you have questions Call the Department of Environmental Protection Radon Section at (800) 648-0394.




Keep windows and exterior doors closed except for
normal entering and exiting. Open doors and windows
may invalidate test results!




For further information on radon, contact the
DEP RadonInformation Line at (800) 648-0394
or Website at

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