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Grant and Loan Programs

This publication provides a list of all the funds (either in the form of grants or loans) that the Department has available to public and private sectors. Also known as the Grant and Loan Catalog, the booklet is available on line at

  • The publication lists the specifics about the program including the purpose of the funding, eligibility requirements, limitations on the funds, if any, the application procedures, the deadline and information regarding the primary contact person.

  • The publication is revised on an annual basis (usually in the fall) to update any changes to the specific programs and/or list any new programs that may become available.

Target Audience(s)
A hard copy of the Grant and Loan Catalog is available to anyone upon request.

Additional Information
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New Jersey state departments and agencies provide financial assistance for a variety of programs through grants. The state provides citizens and organizations funds through grants for everything from educational projects to public health initiatives. Information available on the Web about state government grants can be accessed at