New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Osprey Perigrine Falcon Fiddler Crab Muskrat Eastern Garter Snake Great Egret Great Egret Black-Crowned Night Heron Red-Winged Blackbird Mallard Blue Claw Crab Northern Diamondback Terrapin Bull Frog Dragonfly Snowy Egret Great Blue Heron Double Crested Cormorant Grass Shrimp Great Black-Backed Gull Ribbed Mussel Common Tern Ring-Billed Gull Horseshoe Crab Striped Bass Bluefish American Eel White Perch Herring Gull Atlantic Menhaden Carp Common Killie Bluegill Sunfish White Catfish Porgy Oyster Toadfish Atlantic Silverside Striped Searobin Atlantic Herring Northern Water Snake Black Skimmer Black Skimmer Summer Founder or Fluke Winter Founder Soft-Shell Clam Sandy-Mud Worm Pin Oak Scotch Pine Sunflower Black-Eyed Susan Swamp Rose Mallow Lion's Mane 'Red Jellyfish' Moon Jellyfish Comb Jelly Green Algae Sea Lettuce Plankton Wildlife of Newark Bay

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