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Whole Kids Foundation Bee Grant allows for #AfterschoolNJ to receive support for educational bee hives
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Nonprofits, Universities and Colleges Urged to Apply for Grants for Projects to Enhance Coastal-Resilience Planning Efforts
Webinar: Learn more about the UL Innovative Education Award application process
NEEF grant opportunity: Health and the Natural Environment
SJ: New Funding Available for Municipalities and Schools
Apply for this Grant re: Funding for hunger relief, environmental stewardship, & more
EPA Grant Funds Teacher Training Through The College of New Jersey
Conserve Wildlife Grants
EPA Awards $10.8M for National Environmental Education Training Program
Announcing New Support for Family Nature Clubs
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Ecological Excellence Award by Soil and Water Conservation Society and Pinelands Nursery
New NJNG school fundraiser Applicant Training Video
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Scholarship Opportunity for Wildlife/Fisheries and Conservation Education/Communications Majors
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Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Education Grants
Outdoor Classroom Grant Program News Release
SJ News             (Posted: 9-9-19)

New Energy Project Funding Opportunity!
Five sustainability success stories

PowerSave Schools Recruitment             (Posted: 9-9-19)

PowerSave Schools, is an Alliance to Save Energy program~ for details:

We are recruiting schools for the 2019-2020 school year. Our funder (South Jersey Gas) has opened up 30 spots for schools within their service territory.

PowerSave Schools- now available through the online emPowered platform- enables students to solve real-world challenges by giving them knowledge and tools to help their schools and communities reduce energy consumption, therein moving toward a greener future.

Last year, 38 schools throughout New Jersey participated in the Alliance to Save Energy's PowerSave Schools program. This school year, South Jersey Gas is giving (30) new schools the opportunity to take part at NO cost to the school.

I would like to invite your school to fill one of these open spots! The deadline for the application has been extended, so you have time to apply.

I also encourage you to look at the website to learn more about what the program can do for your school:
If you have any questions, we can set up a call to discuss more about what the program entails and next steps to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Jamie Rottura, M.Ed.
Associate ~ Education Team
561.713.5116 |
1850 M Street NW, Suite 610 | Washington, DC 20036

PowerSave Schools Program Application
This document provides an overview of the program, clearly laying out responsibilities of each involved party. Eligible schools interested in participating in the program in fall 2019 must complete, sign, and return the application form attached below AS SOON AS POSSIBLE- spots are filling up quickly.

The goals of the program are to:
" Educate students about energy and energy efficiency through hands-on educational lessons that promote STEM learning and are aligned with Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards;
" Help schools save money on energy costs and protect the environment through cooperative, school-wide changes in behavior, operations and maintenance procedures, and by encouraging retrofits of more efficient equipment;
" Build educational and professional pathways to green jobs.
" Earn points toward certification in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools and Eco-Schools programs.

South Jersey Gas and the Alliance to Save Energy will:
1. Support PowerSave Schools teachers to provide high quality, inquiry-based learning opportunities for their students in the following ways:
" Conduct a 1-day training workshop that brings together teams to orient them to the program and to begin planning activities for their school.
" Conduct mid-year and end-of-year meetings for the PowerSave Schools teams (approximately 3 hours each) to share successes, discuss and resolve challenges, and continue planning.
" Provide a Local Project Leader (a dedicated Alliance staff member) who will support all participating schools through site visits and availability via telephone/video conferencing and email.
" Provide an annual stipend of up to $500 for each school team, which may be used by team members as personal stipends or for other appropriate educational expenditures as determined by the team. The school teams will include at least one team lead (teacher or staff member). The stipends will be split evenly if more than one team lead participates and will be broken down into two equal payments (one mid-year and one at the end of the school year).
" Provide a Road Map Guide and interactive "emPowered" web portal that includes instructional materials correlated with the Common-Core and Next Generation Science Learning Standards. Schools will also receive diagnostic tools to support inquiry-based learning, a system for tracking energy use data, and other resource materials.
" Support custodians and facilities staff to work with teachers and students to identify and implement changes in school facilities that will use energy more efficiently while also improving comfort levels and indoor air quality.
" Provide guidance on how to leverage PowerSave Schools Program components into Sustainable Jersey for Schools program and Eco-Schools Pathway points toward earning certification.
2. Facilitate communication among teachers and students in the school/district as well as with other schools that are engaged in PowerSave Schools Program activities. The Alliance's website provides new resources, updates of activities at schools and other organizations, and access to technical tools and information.
3. Support the overall development of PowerSave Schools in the school/district by identifying additional resources and partnerships.

The school and/or district will agree to:
1. Identify a PowerSave School adult team at each participating school to implement activities in classrooms and throughout the school, noting their required participation in one day PowerSave Schools Professional Development Workshop in the fall, the mid-year and end-of-year meetings, and interim school-level team meetings.
2. Assemble a team of approximately 10-30 interested students to participate as the PowerSave Schools student team, who will be educated through the program's lesson plans and activities, and will lead efforts to share energy efficiency best practices with their peers, faculty, and broader community.
3. Allow the student teams to conduct energy audits and patrol contests.
4. Coordinate with Local Project Leader to raise awareness at the school about other South Jersey Gas initiatives.
5. Return completed progress summaries to the Alliance to Save Energy Local Project Leader at the end of each semester in order to receive stipends.

Additional ways of ensuring school success include:
" Attend the PowerSave Schools end-of-year celebration to announce each school's success and discuss challenges and improvement.
" Invite students to make a presentation to the school board about their accomplishments.
" Seriously consider student recommendations on energy efficient practices and retrofit opportunities, and implement those that meet the school district's criteria for cost-effectiveness and performance.

School Application Form
After carefully reading through the above program description and expectations, please fill out the following information in order to request participation in the PowerSave Schools Program. Completed forms should be submitted to
Name of district
Name of school
Number of students enrolled in the school
Grade band participating in the program
Projected Size of PowerSave team (10-30 students)
Lead PowerSave staff name(s) and contact information
Phone No.
Email address
What are your objectives for the PowerSave Schools Program?
What measures are you currently taking to save energy at your school?
Please have the form signed by the School Principal or Business Administrator
Signature, Title

Whole Kids Foundation Bee Grant allows for #AfterschoolNJ to receive support for educational bee hives             (Posted: 8-15-19)

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Whole Kids Foundation Bee Grant allows for #AfterschoolNJ to receive support for educational bee hives!
Click here to learn more and apply!
Bee Grant
The Bee Grant program allows for schools and non-profit organizations to receive support for educational bee hives, so students can observe bees up close and learn about the vital role these pollinators play in our food system.

Monetary Grant or Equipment Grant

K-12 Schools or Non-Profit Organizations in the U.S./Canada


About the Program
The Bee Grant program allows for a K-12 school or non-profit organization to receive support for an educational bee hive.

Four Grant Options
  1. Monetary Grant of $1,500 to support the success of a honey bee hive educational program
  2. Observation hive: equipment grant of a custom-made indoor observation hive from The Bee Cause Project.
  3. Traditional Langstroth Hive: equipment grant an outdoor hive with Starter Kit
  4. Top Bar Hive: equipment grant of an outdoor top bar hive with Starter Kit
All equipment grants include a small monetary grant of $300 to cover the first year of expenses. Grant recipients also receive remote consultation and assistance with Beekeeper partnership from The Bee Cause Project.

For more information on each grant option, please read the Program Overview and Support Guide on The Bee Cause Project's Resources page.

Attend our webinars for more information about the application process and the best practices on getting your bees approved.
  • Our 2018 Webinars can be found here and here.
  • Wednesday, September 18, 2019 @ 3PM CST. Click here to register.
  • Tuesday, October 1, 2019 @ 11AM CST. Click here to register.
Click here to learn more and apply!



Please be aware of the above open competition that closes on September 9, 2019. In the near future we plan to fund one application for $100,000. This competition has a dual focus: applicants can focus on either organics management or construction and demolition debris management, or both. See the below link.

Please take a strong look at this opportunity or share with others with an interest in this funding opportunity.

If you have any questions, please contact: Rachel Chaput, Sustainable Materials Management Program, US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2

EPA: Grants & Awards             (Posted: 3-22-19)

EPA Awards Grants to 21 Student Teams for Innovative Technology Projects
EPA extends application period for environmental educator awards
Proposed EPA program would give $50-million boost to children's health

Nonprofits, Universities and Colleges Urged to Apply for Grants for Projects to Enhance Coastal-Resilience Planning Efforts             (Posted: 3-12-19)

Click HERE.

Webinar: Learn more about the UL Innovative Education Award application process             (Posted: 3-4-19)

Click HERE.

NEEF grant opportunity: Health and the Natural Environment             (Posted: 2-15-19)

Click HERE.

SJ: New Funding Available for Municipalities and Schools             (Posted: 11-21-18)

Click HERE.

Apply for this Grant re: Funding for hunger relief, environmental stewardship, & more             (Posted: 10-2-18)

Grant Opp: Funding for hunger relief, environmental stewardship, & more!

Looking for grant opportunities that will help your program do even more in your community? Save-A-Lot can help!

Save-A-Lot supports organizations whose primary mission addresses the following focus areas:
Hunger relief: Comprehensive hunger relief organizations and non-profit food distribution centers. The majority of funding is allocated to area food banks in conjunction with store openings.
Health, wellness, and nutrition education, especially organizations promoting nutrition education and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet.
Environmental stewardship: Programs that promote environmental stewardship, especially related to using energy more efficiently and reducing waste.

Deadline: Ongoing.
Funds: Varies by request.

Click HERE for details. Please note that printed material, faxes and e-mailed donation requests will not be reviewed.

EPA Grant Funds Teacher Training Through The College of New Jersey             (Posted: 8-3-17)

Contact: Jennifer May-Reddy, 212-637-3658,

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced a $91,000 environmental education grant to The College of New Jersey. The grant funding will be used to provide training to teachers in New Jersey. The training is designed to increase environmental literacy and promote the protection of local water sources in their communities and schools. More than 30 grants totaling $3.3 million were awarded nationwide.

The teachers trained through this project will develop, in collaboration with their students, school-specific projects at ten local elementary schools. All participating schools are located in New Jersey, and within 20 miles of The College of New Jersey.

"This grant gives local teachers the tools and resources they need in order to incorporate important environmental concepts in the classroom," Administrator Pruitt said. "I look forward to seeing how these funds are used to promote the protection of clean water in communities across New Jersey."

"The College of New Jersey is extremely grateful to the EPA for this important grant award," said The College of New Jersey Associate Vice President for Communications Dave Muha, "It will provide the teachers and students with crucial environmental sustainability education projects that will have implications not only for the participating schools but the surrounding communities as well. Our goal is to instill a capacity to exert influence over the environmental health in these areas in order to inspire direct and lasting change."

Using the EPA grant, The College of New Jersey will work through its Sustainability Institute, which is the college's "think and do" tank managing cutting edge research and outreach programs, to establish an intensive professional development series for teachers focused on how best to integrate information about the environment into a classroom's curriculum. A major focus of the training will be on the protection of local water sources.

For more information about EPA's environmental education program:

Conserve Wildlife Grants             (Posted: 11-16-16)

Conserve Wildlife Matching Grant Program.

EPA Awards $10.8M for National Environmental Education Training Program             (Posted: 10-28-16)

Christie St. Clair (News Media Only)
(202) 564-2880

October 20, 2016


EPA Awards $10.8M for National Environmental Education Training Program

WASHINGTON - More than 4,400 environmental educators will gain training and leadership opportunities in 2017 through a new cooperative agreement between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE).

EPA is funding up to $10.8 million over five years through the agency's teacher training program, formally known as the National Environmental Education Training Program (NEETP).

“Environmental educators help learners of all ages understand and value the ecosystems around them,” said U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “The teacher training program gives educators access to the best classroom and out-of-classroom materials and professional development opportunities, focused on using the environment as a platform for learning science, technology, engineering and math skills to improve decision-making.”

NAAEE will launch a five-year program called “ee360,” starting in 2017. The association is bringing together a broad collection of partners: Antioch University, the Center for Diversity and the Environment, Earth Force, the NAAEE Affiliate Network, Project Learning Tree, Stanford University, the University of Oregon, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. National Park Service, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Forest Service.

NAAEE and these partners will train professionals to deliver high-quality environmental education in formal and non-formal education settings. In the first year, ee360 aims to train more than 4,400 educators. The partners will also strengthen the field by building infrastructure through leadership clinics, developing state certification programs, using technology, expanding access to resources, and researching the value of environmental education. 

Since 1992, EPA's teacher training program has funded training, helped universities and states develop accredited certification programs, and promoted the national Environmental Education Guidelines for Excellence. 

For more information on the teacher training program, visit:

For more information on NAAEE, visit:

Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460 United States

Announcing New Support for Family Nature Clubs             (Posted: 10-28-16)

Click HERE.

SUEZ Foundation Press Release - Grants             (Posted: 6-29-16)


Officials have announced today that the SUEZ North America Foundation, the philanthropic arm of SUEZ North America, will award 50 grants of $1000 each to organizations and projects dedicated to the environmental sustainability of communities across the country.

“The SUEZ North America Foundation continues its mission to award grants for projects that demonstrate good environmental stewardship and have a positive impact on our society,” said Ed Wallace, executive director. “With 50 total grants available, the intent is to spread the awards to as many organizations as possible.”

Eligible organizations must be designated a 501(c)(3) charity, and preference will be given to groups within SUEZ's service territories. All applications will be reviewed by a SUEZ North America Foundation panel, and applicants will be notified of the panel's decision in writing. Grant applications are available online at:

Since 2009, the SUEZ North America Foundation has distributed grants in excess of $4 million, supporting almost 200 projects, including Hackensack Riverkeeper, Hackensack, NJ, which works to protect the environmental quality of the Hackensack River and its watershed; Operation SPLASH, a non-profit based in Freeport, NY, whose volunteers spend thousands of hours each year cleaning local waterways, educating the public about the plight of the bays from Washington, DC, to Albany, NY; and The World is our Classroom, Springfield, MA, which provides instruction in physical, earth, environmental and life sciences, technology and engineering design.

The Watershed Institute: Grant Finder             (Posted: 8-7-15)

The grant finder database contains information on more than a hundred grant opportunities that may be of interest to watershed and other environmental groups throughout New Jersey.

Click HERE.

Ecological Excellence Award by Soil and Water Conservation Society and Pinelands Nursery             (Posted: 7-23-15)

Click HERE.

New NJNG school fundraiser             (Posted: 2-7-14)

New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) just re-launched their Conserve to Preserve (CTP) Community Rewards program, a unique FREE fundraising opportunity that allows schools in their service territory to raise up to $5,000. Schools that register to participate can earn $5 for each NJNG customer who successfully completes the FREE online home energy assessment tool, CTP Dashboard. Plus schools can earn even more if participants have a home energy audit performed by NJNG's The SAVEGREEN Project® team.

Help us spread the word about this new program. Encourage your friends and family to let principals and PTA presidents at schools in NJNG's service territory know about this great fundraising initiative. They can learn more at the NJNG CTP Community Rewards webpage. Applicant Training Video             (Posted: 8-8-13)

Just in time for the rollout of the new look and feel to the website, the Program Management Office has developed a “Find and Apply” training video.  In the video, potential applicants will receive a walk-thru of what to expect once the new site is released. Have a look; send us comments; and, feel free to share the link with your colleagues and agency's applicant community.

And, again, we appreciate those who participated in our user acceptance testing and all of you for your cooperation and patience as we enter into the next phase of!

Nicole Daniel
Communications Lead Program Management Office
Department of Health and Human Services

Find Federal Grant Opportunities             (Posted: 6-28-11)

All discretionary grants offered by the 26 federal grant-making agencies can be found on is your source to FIND and APPLY for federal grants. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is proud to be the managing partner for, an initiative that is having an unparalleled impact on the grant community. Learn more about and determine if you are eligible for grant opportunities offered on this site.
View the home page at

Scholarship Opportunity for Wildlife/Fisheries and Conservation Education/Communications Majors             (Posted: 2-2-11)

The application period for the Russell A. Cookingham Scholarship has opened. Wildlife/Fisheries majors, or Conservation Education/Communications majors whohave at least 15 credits in the biological sciences, may apply for this $1000 scholarship.Students can be enrolled at any university but must be New Jersey residents.The NJ Chapter of The Wildlife Society manages the endowment fund and awards the scholarship.
Details about the scholarship, including the application form, can be found at on the division's website.

EPA Graduate and Undergraduate fellowships available             (Posted: 10-19-09)


STAR Graduate Fellowship Program
Encourage promising students to obtain advanced degrees and pursue careers in environmentally related fields
Support basic and applied research in environmentally-related research areas conducted by the nations' best and brightest students

GRO Undergraduate Fellowship Program
Encourage promising students to pursue careers in environmentally related fields and to continue their education beyond the baccalaureate level
Stimulate and support interest in environmentally related research and development at institutions of higher education that receive limited federal funding, including in particular institutions with substantial minority enrollment

4imprint Grants             (Posted: 6-10-09)

Deadline: Rolling
4imprint is accepting applications for its one-by-one charitable giving program. The online and catalog promotional products retailer will award $500 in-kind grants to charitable organizations in the United States or Canada. Applications are due two months before the requested donation is needed. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, employed by or be a member of the board of directors of a 501(c)(3) organization, school, registered Canadian charity, society, or religious organization.

Captain Planet Foundation Grants             (Posted: 3-12-09)

Deadlines (annually): March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31
The Captain Planet Foundation is accepting applications for funding projects that help students better grasp environmental issues. Projects must promote understanding of environmental issues, focus on hands-on activities, involve students ages 6 to 18, promote interaction and cooperation within a group, help young people develop planning and problem-solving skills, include adult supervision, and commit to follow-up communication with the Foundation.

Beetle incentive for youth projects             (Posted: 12-2-08)

Youth Incentive Award

The Coleopterists Society, an international organization of professionals and hobbyists interested in the study of beetles, has established a program to recognize young people studying beetles. The Society has pledged up to $300 each year for the Youth Incentive Award program.

In addition to monetary grants of up to $150, award recipients will receive up to $200 (Junior Award) and $400 (Senior Award) of equipment credit from the BioQuip Products, Inc. catalog, and a one year subscription to the Society journal, The Coleopterists Bulletin.

This program is for young Coleopterists in grades 7-12.

The objectives of the Youth Incentive Award are to:
provide encouragement and assistance to young beetle enthusiasts (grades 7-12).
promote the study of beetles, the most diverse group of insects, as a rewarding lifelong avocation or career.
provide opportunities for young people to develop important life skills such as leadership, cooperation, communication, planning and conducting a scientific study, grant writing and managing funds.
provide some financial support to enrich activities or projects.

Susan Cox
Durham Field Office
Conservation Education Coordinator
USDA Forest Service
271 Mast Rd
Durham NH 03824
603 868-7706

Young Explorers Grants

Deadline: Open
The National Geographic Society's Young Explorers Grants for 18-25 year-olds to pursue research, exploration, and conservation-related projects consistent with National Geographic's existing grant programs. Grants vary in amount ($2,000 to $5,000) depending on the significance of the project.

Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™

The goal of the Apprentice Ecologist Initiative™ is to elevate young people (including disadvantaged and at-risk youth) into leadership roles by engaging them in environmental stewardship projects.A $500 scholarship will be awarded annually to the author of the top Apprentice Ecologist essay.

Education Grants


Applications for grants under $5,000 are accepted year-round. Check the Web site for grades K-6 and 7-12 application rules.

Deadline for grants over $5,000: February 1st or August 1st

The Toshiba America Foundation encourages teacher-led, K-12 classroom-based programs, projects, and activities that have the potential to improve classroom experiences in science, mathematics, and technology.


Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation, International Paper, and National Geographic Explorer! classroom magazine outdoor classroom grant program to help schools improve their science curriculum by engaging students in hands-on experiences outside the traditional classroom. Grants up to $2,000 will be awarded to at least 100 schools and grants for up to $20,000 may be awarded to schools or school districts with major outdoor classroom projects. Proposals are reviewed three times a year.

Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Education Grants

Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation website - information on Environmental Education Grants.

Outdoor Classroom Grant Program News Release

The Outdoor Classroom Grant Program is a partnership of the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation, International Paper and the International Paper Foundation, and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER classroom magazine.As part of Lowe's continued commitment to public education, Lowe's will provide more than $200,000 in outdoor classroom grants to benefit public schools nationwide.

Teachers may apply for grants up to $2,000 by visiting

For school districts with major outdoor classroom projects, grants may be awarded for up to $20,000.All K-12 public schools in the United States (except Puerto Rico) are eligible to apply for a grant.

The Outdoor Classroom Grant Program partners would appreciate your help in announcing the availability of these grant funds through your media outlets and other contacts.

Rebecca Winn
Coordinator, Partnerships
International Paper
6775 Lenox Center Court
Memphis, TN 38115

Order your free Life of the Forest educational materials from International Paper at