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About the Site Remediation Program


SRP Units & Managers

Graphical Version of the Organization Chart
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Unit & Manager Info Mailing Info  
Assistant Commissioner's Office
Mark J. Pedersen
P: 609-292-1250
F: 609-777-1914
Mail code: 401-406  

Division of Remediation Management

Ken Kloo, Director
P: 609-292-1251
E :

Mail Code 401-05M  

Office of Brownfield Reuse
Bill Lindner, Manager
P: 609-984-1790

Mail Code 401-05K  

Community Collaborative Initiative
Frank McLaughlin
P: 609-633-8227

Mail Code 401-05P  

Remediation Review Element - Office of the Assistant Director
Lynne Mitchell, Assistant Director
P: 609-633-1408

Mail Code 401-05M  

Bureau of Inspection & Review
Atwood Davis, Bureau Chief
P: 609-777-1398

Mail Code 401-05P  
      Bureau of Remedial Action Permitting
Gary Sanderson, Bureau Chief
P: 609-984-2556
Mail Code 401-05S  
    Remediation Oversight Element - Office of the Assistant Director
Wayne Howitz, Assistant Director
P: 609-984-1351
Mail Code 401-05A  

Bureau of Case Management
Steve Maybury, Bureau Chief
P: 609-633-1455

Mail Code 401-05F  
      Bureau of Field Operations
Yacoub Yacoub, Bureau Chief
P: 973-631-6401, F: 973-656-4440

Mail to:
Northern Bureau of Field Operations
7 Ridgedale Ave.
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927-1112

        Northern Field Office
Yacoub Yacoub, Bureau Chief
P: 973-631-6401, F: 973-656-4440
Mail Code 401-05  
        Southern Field Office
Chris Dwyer, Acting Section Chief
P: 609-633-1475, F: 609-984-6004
Mail Code 401-05  
        Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program
Mike Cowen, Supervisor
P: 609-633-0544, F: 609-984-6004
Mail Code 401-06D  
    Publicly Funded Response Element - Office of the Assistant Director
Ed Putnam, Assistant Director
P: 609-984-3074
Mail Code 401-05Q  
      Bureau of Site Management
Vacant, Bureau Chief
P: 609-984-2991
E: Tom.O'
Mail Code 401-05R  
      Bureau of Environmental Measurement & Site Assessment
William Lowry, Bureau Chief
P: 609-376-9424

Mail Code: 516-01

Office Location:
516 E. State Street
Trenton, NJ 08625


Division of Enforcement, Technical & Financial Support

David Haymes, Director
P: 609-984-2902

Mail Code 401-06E


Enforcement & Information Support Element - Office of Assistant Director
Kevin Kratina, Assistant Director
P: 609-633-1480

Mail Code 401-06A  
      Bureau of Case Assignment & Initial Notice
Kirstin Pointin-Hahn, Bureau Chief
P: 609-292-2943
Mail Code 401-05H  
        Office of Community Relations
Stuart Friedman, Acting Section Chief
P: 609-292-2943
Mail Code 401-06W  
      Bureau of Enforcement & Investigations
Ann Wolf, Bureau Chief
P: 609-633-1480
Mail Code 401-06U  
      Bureau of Information Systems
Joe Eaker, Bureau Chief
P: 609-292-9418
Mail Code 401-06N  
    Hazardous Site Science Element - Office of the Assistant Director
Barry Frasco, Assistant Director
P: 609-633-6801
Mail Code 401-05U  
      Bureau of Ground Water Pollution Abatement
MaryAnne Kuserk, Bureau Chief
P: 609-292-8427
Mail Code 401-05V  

Bureau of Environmental Evaluation & Risk Assessment
Kevin Schick, Bureau Chief
P: 609-633-6801

Mail Code 401-05W  
    Financial Services Element - Office of the Assistant Director
Frank DeFeo, Assistant Director
P: 609-777-0772
Mail Code 401-06I  

Fiscal Support & Contract Administration
Gary Czock, Bureau Chief
P: 609-633-0763

Mail Code 401-06I  
        Direct Billing & Cost Recovery Section
Alphonse Inserra, Section Chief
P: 609-633-0701
Mail Code 401-06L  

Fund Management Section
Don Kakas, Section Chief
P: 609-984-2076

Mail Code 401-06J  

Mailing Address Format

Unless indicated otherwise, use the following format for addressing postal mail to SRP:

Staff Person Name
Department of Environmental Protection
Program/Division Name
Mail Code
PO Box 420
Trenton, NJ 08625-0420

Be sure that the last two lines of the address for postal mail to SRP has the PO Box and City/State/Zip.

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