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SRP Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Welcome to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Site Remediation Programís (SRP) Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Homepage. This web site provides guidance and links to assist you in preparing the GIS deliverables that are required per the Administrative Requirements for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites (ARRCS Rule)(N.J.A.C 7:26C-1.6) and the Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (N.J.A.C. 7:26E-1.6).

The regulations require the submittal of GIS compatible maps for several key elements of the remedial investigation/remediation. Please review the Minimum Accuracy Requirements for GIS Submissions and the Administrative Requirements for GIS Deliverables prior to submitting any GIS deliverables to SRP. All GIS questions/comments should be directed to

SRP maintains data layers for the following: institutional controls established through the SRP program (Classification Exception Areas and Deed Notices), Known Contaminated Sites (KCS), Currently Known Extents of Groundwater Contamination (CKEs), Chromate Waste Sites (COPR sites), Brownfield Development Areas (BDAs), Immediate Environmental Concerns (IECs), Child Care Centers, and other assorted data layers. These layers can be viewed by NJ GEOWEB or downloaded from the Departmentís GIS webpage or via the New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN) website. Additional Information for these layers can be retrieved via NJDEP Data Miner reports.

The Regulations require the submission of GIS deliverables throughout the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites. SRP receives these GIS deliverables via email at specifically designated email addresses. The GIS deliverables are:

  • General
    Type: Site boundaries / Area of Concern polygons
    Submittal: only Paper map required at this time
  • Immediate Environmental Concern (IEC)
    Type: Contaminant Known Extent (CKE) polygons / IEC Spreadsheet
    Submittal: Engineered Response Action Report, IEC Source Control (SC) Report, and VI Response Action Report
  • Receptor Evaluation (ground water)
    Type: Search Spreadsheet
    Submittal: Initial - 120 days after GW detected
    Additional - IEC SC Report, RI, RA
  • Classification Exception Area
    Type: CEA Polygon, CEA/WRA Spreadsheet
    Submittal: RIR or GW RA Permit Application
  • Deed Notice
    Type:Deed Notice polygon Well Search Spreadsheet
    Submittal: Soil RA Permit Application

Note: These polygons must be submitted as either an ArcGis polygon shape file or CAD dwg file.