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Ecological Screening Criteria (ESC)

Ecological Screening Criteria Table
Updated 10 March 2009

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The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Site Remediation Program (SRP), Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment (ETRA) Unit has developed this Ecological Screening Criteria Table from various sources to allow ease of reference for ecological screening criteria (ESC) for surface water, sediment and soil. With the exception of the surface water quality standards (SWQS) (N.J.A.C. 7:9B), the ecological screening criteria are not promulgated standards, but are to be used as screening values in ecological assessments. When multiple ESC are provided for the same contaminant and same media, generally the most conservative criterion is used; however, the RP may choose to use a different value based on site conditions. Justification should be provided for using ESC other than the most conservative value presented. This table does not preclude responsible parties (RP's) from developing and/or proposing alternate ecological screening criteria. The most recent version of the cited ecological screening criteria should be used and the table will be periodically updated as new screening values are developed. Please note that the last page of the table, Surface Water Calculator, is a separate tab on the Excel file. Suggestions for inclusion of additional sources of ESC or request for additional information can be made to:

Allan S. Motter
Technical Coordinator
Bureau of Environmental Evaluation and Risk Assessment
(609) 984-4532


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