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Field Sampling Procedures Manual
August 2005

The August 2005 edition of NJDEP’s Field Sampling Procedures Manual replaces the 1992 edition as the most current technical guidance associated with procedures and equipment utilized for the collection of environmental samples. It also represents the first edition published on the World Wide Web, which brings the benefit of improved access to information for the public and regulated community.

The primary intent of the manual has always been to promote accuracy and consistency when environmental samples are collected and prepared for chemical analysis by public and private entities. The validity of analytical data is directly dependent upon the integrity of the field procedures employed to obtain a sample. The methods and procedures described herein are intended for use by those State of New Jersey regulatory agencies that require chemical, physical and certain biological analysis of samples for remedial evaluation and monitoring purposes. Since these methods are applicable to such a wide variety of regulatory programs throughout the Department, any site and/or regulatory specific questions/ issues regarding a particular sampling technique must be discussed with the applicable program personnel prior to going out into the field.

FSPM Updates
Last Updated 11 April 2011

  • Peristaltic Pump
    "As a result, this device is restricted from the collection of surface and ground water samples for volatile organic analysis."
    changed to
    "As a result, this device is restricted from the collection of surface and ground water samples for volatile and semi-volatile organic analysis."



The following sections of the Manual, except the Glossary, are available only as Adobe PDF files. These PDF files have navigation links to move from section to section.
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