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Chrome Update 26 (July 1997)


TO: Hudson County Chromate Waste Sites Mailing List

FROM: Ronald T. Corcory, Project Coordinator, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

SUBJECT: Hudson County Chromate Update #26, July 1997

The following summarizes significant developments which have occurred between December 1996 and July 1997 regarding the Hudson County Chromate Waste Sites.

AlliedSignal, Inc.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has completed its review of the Allied Alternative Remediation Standard (ARS) protocol in lieu of established remediation standards and has provided comments to AlliedSignal. The NJDEPs current position is that a modified American Society for the Testing of Materials Methods (D3987-85) or equivalent is the preferred procedure to evaluate the solubility of hexavalent chromium in a given soil sample. If additional approaches are proposed or if modifications or new information are developed, NJDEP stands ready to reevaluate its position on which approach is preferred.

On April 1, 1997 Allied began the remedial investigation of all of their sites stipulated in their Administrative Consent Order (ACO) with the State of New Jersey. Currently phase I of the investigation is well under way and it is anticipated that this phase will be completed by October, 1997. Upon the review of the data, a second phase of the investigation will be initiated to fill any data gaps which are identified in the phase I data review.

NJDEP has received the Remedial Investigation Report and Remedial Action Work Plan for the Ryerson Steel site (site #117). On May 12, 1997 NJDEP officially approved these reports. On June 16, 1997 work began at this site. It is anticipated that the remedial work regarding the soil will be completed by the end of October 1997. The ground water remedial investigation and remedial action will be performed on a regional basis under the Allied ACO.

The supplemental Interim Remedial Measures (IRM) for the Roosevelt Drive-In (Site 115) began in early December 1996 and was completed by the end of the month.

Chemical Land Holdings (previously Maxus Energy Corporation)

Chemical Land Holdings (CLH) submitted an ARS proposal based on ASTM D3987-85 to NJDEP July 1997. It is currently under review.

CLH has submitted a focused Remedial Investigation Report on seven (7) sites under their ACO. An application for delisting these sites accompanied this document. The NJDEP is currently evaluating these documents.

The supplemental IRM work proposed for the St. Johnsbury Site (Site 41) began in early December 1996 and will be completed by the end of August 1997.

PPG Industries, Incorporated

A No Further Action (NFA) letter to PPG Industries and the owner of Value City Furniture (site #164). Investigative work at the remaining sites is currently on hold due to the possible change in the chromate cleanup standards for soil.

July 2, 1993 AlliedSignal Directive Sites and Orphan Sites Groups 1 & 2

The preliminary site characterization (PSC) soil investigations have been completed at a total of twelve sites in the Allied Directive group, they include sites numbered 15, 68, 69, 70, 91, 92, 130, 165, 172, 178, 183 and 185. The analytical data from these investigations is currently undergoing Quality Assurance/Quality Control review. The results and recommendations will be presented in the PSC Remedial Investigation (RI) reports. Monitor wells have been installed at sites 15, 91, 92,165, 183 and 185. Building inspections have been completed at six sites. PSC Ground water sampling has occurred at site 15. PSC Surface water and sediment sampling has been completed at site 15. Eleven site remain to be investigated under this directive.

The contract for the Remedial Investigations of the Orphan Sites Group 1 has been awarded to L. Robert Kimball Associates of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. A kickoff meeting between the consultant and the Department was held on December 11, 1996. The Workplans for the Remedial Investigations of sites 020, 021 and 186, have been finalized. Field work on sites 020 and 021 will begin in August 1997.

Orphan Sites Group 2 are still in negotiations with potential responsible parties who may take responsibility for some of the sites in this group.

Droyer's Point aka Society Hill

The Droyer's Point site (site #119) was originally under the Allied Directive. A developer interested in developing the site (Hovnanian) has been proceeding with the investigation and cleanup of the site. The remedial investigation for this site is nearly completed. Remaining RI data gaps include primarily soil contaminant delineation. These data gaps may be resolved during the remedial action. A meeting will be held on July 16, 1997 with NJDEP representatives and Hovnanian to discuss a fast-track plan to bring the project to completion. A remedial action plan is expected to be submitted to NJDEP by September 1997. Preliminary discussions regarding remediation of the site have focused on removal of chromium contaminated soils and capping of the residual soil contamination to prevent any direct contact. It is anticipated that the remediation may begin by the end of 1997 or early 1998 and be completed by summer 1998.

Suggested Soil Cleanup Criteria for Trivalent and Hexavalent Chromium

In the absence of promulgated standards the NJDEP has focused it's attention on the evaluation of alternative remediation standard methodologies for hexavalent chromium in order to develop site-specific remediation criteria for both soil and ground water.

NJDEP is drafting guidance on the allowable levels of chromium in soil regarding soil contamination's impact on air quality. Also being considered is the employment of newly finalized USEPA guidance relevant to these calculations.

Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Transit System

The Office of New Rail Construction (NRC) of the New Jersey Transit (NJ Transit) Corporation has initiatied a series of transportation improvements to a 20 mile corridor along the Hudson River Waterfront through Hudson and Bergen Counties. Referred to as the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Transit System (HBLRTS), a series of environmental investigations are being conducted in a phased approach under an MOA executed with NJDEP in 1992. The proposed improvements and new alignments will impact eight known chromate chemical production waste sites, 19, 67, 100, 107, 183, 185, 199 and 200. The eight sites include sites under the Allied Directive, NJDEP Orphan sites and PPG Industries catagories. The HBLRTS will also impact other sites under NJDEP jurisdiction. Invesitgation and remediation of all impacted sites is being addressed by NJ Transit in a phased approach which breaks up the alignment into sections.

Remediation activities on the 10.5 mile Initial Operating System (IOS) segment of the project following NJDEP's August 1996 approval of NJ Transit's Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action Alternative (RI/RAA) submittals. Additionally, NJDEP approved a Soil Reuse Plan for the IOS which is the primary component of remedial activities. Generally, contamination revealed in the IOS segment of the HBLRTS alignment has included inorganic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons associated with historic railroad operations and heavy industrial use. The approved Soil Reuse Plan requires soils in excess of one order of magnitude of the NJNRSCC (with the exception of hexavalent chromium - applicable criteria 10ppm) to be disposed off-site appropriately. NJ Transit will employ institutional and engineering controls for reused soils as appropriate.

NJ Transit has begun to submit RI/RAAs for the Subsequent Operating System (SOS) segment of the project which are currently under review. Construction of the SOS segment of the project is anticipated to begin following completion of the IOS in Spring 1999.

General Chromium Site Status

Within the past 6 months NJDEP identified two new chromium sites which are temporarily being placed in the NJDEP Orphan #2 Category until further information can be obtained regarding potential responsible parties. These sites are the following:

Site #206   Polarome International - 200 Theodore Conrad Drive, Jersey City
Site #207   Garfield Avenue #2 - 942, 944, 946 Garfield Avenue, Jersey City

Attached also, please find a copy of the " Chromite Ore Processing Residue Site Status" sheet which details the phase of all known chromium sites, sorted by responsible parties. A copy of the updated Chromate Chemical Production Waste Sites is also attached. Note that this list does not include sites that have been remediated.

Attachment 1: Chromite Ore Processing Residue Sites Status July 15, 1997

RP Total Sites Active Sites Remedial
Allied Signal 21 21 21
Allied Directive 24 24 24
Exxon 1 1 1
Chemical Land Holdings 38 38 37
PPG Industries 23 23 23
NJDEP Orphan Site #1 15 15 15
NJDEP Orphan Site #2 16 16 16
De-Listed Clean Sites* 29
De-Listed NFA Sites** 41
TOTAL 208 138 138

Attachment 2: Chromate Chemical Production Waste Sites

002 Caven Point 1 80 Caven Point Jersey City 1497 2L, 2P Industrial PPG
003 Caven Point 2 Rear of 80 Caven Point Road Jersey City 1497 2R, 2S Industrial PPG
004 Caven Point 3 90 Caven Point Road Jersey City 1497 2N Industrial PPG
005 Caven Point 4 100 Caven Point Road Jersey City 1497 3M2 Industrial PPG
007 NJ Turnpike at Communipaw Intersection of N.J. Turnpike and Communipaw Ave. Jersey City 2151 C4, A7, E4, A6, B6, 23A Public Land Allied Directive
008 DEP Green Acres Site East of Ultramar, North of Port Liberte Jersey City 1497 1E Public Land PPG
015 Liberty State Park Libery State Park east of Environmental Interpretation Center Jersey City 2154 22K, 33Dup Public Land Allied Directive
016 Linden East Linden Avenue East Jersey City 1507 4L, 4M, 4N Industrial PPG
017 Newark Avenue - Exxon Station Newark Avenue and Howell Street Jersey City 606.1 B Commercial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
019 Phillip Street Phillip Street Junction Jersey City 2154 6, 7.B, 11, 8.A, 9.B, 12.A, 15 Public Land Allied Directive
020 NJ Turnpike Bayview Below Overpass 14B Jersey City 1491 1D4, 1G3 Public Land NJDEP Orphan Site #1
021 NJ Turnpike Greenville New Jersey Turnpike at Piers 20, 21 Jersey City 1507 18, 20, 23 Public Land NJDEP Orphan Site #1
040 Pen Horn Creek - Secaucus Pen Horn Avenue Secaucus 44 4, 5, 6 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
041 St Johnsbury Trucking O'Brien and Sellers Streets Kearny 134 9, 10, 11 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
042 3rd & Adams Sts. - ECIS Trucking 90 - 94 and 98-102 Jacobus Ave. Kearny 293 1, 2 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
045 Emco (aka Dupont Tract #1) O'Brien Road Kearny 150 4A Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
046 Jenkins Enterprises aka Garfield Ave. #1 79-85 3rd Ave. Kearny 229 27 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
047 Goldies Auto Parts 1010 Belleville Tpk. Kearny 286 37.B Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
048 Clinton Cartage, (aka Clinton Service Warehouse) 1000 Belleville Tpk. Kearny 286 37.C Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
049 Arden Chemical / aka American Chlorine 100 Hackensack Avenue Kearny 298 12, 12R, 14, 15 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
050 Janatex Company 993 Belleville Turnpike Kearny 287 35-39 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
051 Kearny Township Site #1 Belleville Turnpike Kearny 287 31 Public Land Chemical Land Holdings
052 Kenney Steel Treating Co. 100 Quincy Place Kearny 226 12 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
053 Kleerkast Inc. 450 Schuyler Avenue Kearny 226 11 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
054 Pfaff Tool & Mfg. McWhertle & Gross St. Kearny 151 11, 10 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
055 New Rent Trucking (aka New Rent Inc.) 520 Belleville Turnpike Kearny 134 5 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
056 NJ Turnpike Kearny #1 Belleville Turnpike & NJ Turnpike (East Branch) Kearny 287 23 & 25 Public Land Chemical Land Holdings
058 Nicole's Warehouse N/F Ru Son 996 Belleville Tpk. Kearny 286 37.A Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
059 Trumbull Asphalt Newark Turnpike Kearny 286 67 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
060 Tullo Exxon Station 61 Lincoln Highway Kearny 290 4, 5 Commercial Chemical Land Holdings
061 Turco Industrial Area 590 Belleville Turnpike Kearny 134 1, 6, 7, 8 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
062 West Hudson Lumber Co. 60 Arlington Ave. Kearny 226 13 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
063 Baldwin Oils & Commodities, Inc. Caven Point Road at Burma Road Jersey City 2154.2 4 Industrial PPG
065 Burma Road West side of Burma Road Near Caven Point Road Jersey City 1497 N/A Public Land PPG
066 Caven Point 5 (aka site 2 & 3) Government Road Jersey City 1497 2L, 2R Public Land PPG
067 Chapel Avenue Between Chapel & Linden Ave., West of Turnpike Jersey City 1505 2.2 Industrial Allied Directive
068 Clendenny Outfall Foot of Clendenny Avenue Jersey City 1746 B1, B3, H2 Public Land Allied Directive
069 Clendenny Avenue Rear of Bradleys Department Store Jersey City 1746 H2 Public Land Allied Directive
070 Colony Restaurant & Diner Communipaw Avenue Jersey City 1746 C.4 Commercial Allied Directive
071 Communipaw Jug Off Route 1&9 Jersey City 1746 E.2 Commercial Allied
073 Degan Oil 200 Kellogg Street Jersey City 1290A 11-W Industrial Allied
077 Eigth Street #2 383 Eigth Street Jersey City 0417 28 Commercial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
079 Rt. 440 Vehicle Corp 10 Water Street Jersey City 1293 1F(3) Commercial Allied
086 Nicholas/Hamilton Trucking 123 Duffield Ave Jersey City 673 3A Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
087 JCIA Site Route 440 Jersey City 1290.1   Public Land Allied
088 JCIA Well Route 440 Jersey City 1290.1   Public Land Allied
090 Baldwin Steel West Side Avenue Jersey City 1286 6A, C, D Industrial Allied
091 NE Interceptor 1 Turnpike near Johnston Street Jersey City 2145 62 Public Land Allied Directive
092 E Interceptor 2 Under Turnpike near Ash Street Jersey City 60 19H, 19L, 19Q, 19R, A5 Public Land Allied Directive
093 NE Interceptor 3 East side plant yard Jersey City 2151,2152 PL.A, E6 Public Land Allied Directive
094 18th Street Sewer 18th & Jersey Avenue Jersey City 0331 Pl.A Commercial Allied Directive
097 NW Interceptor 1 Near Secaucus Road Jersey City 1000 S Public Land Allied Directive
098 NW Intercetor 2 Near County Road Jersey City 1200 68A, 71, 72 Public Land Allied Directive
099 Recycling Spec., N/f Paz Jersey 375 Rt. 1&9 Jersey City 1627.1 1H Industrial Allied Directive
100 Richard Street Interceptor East of Richard Street Jersey City 1492 1, 1A, 2, 3B, 6 Public Land Allied Directive
101 Stockton Ave Stockton Ave & Route 1&9 Jersey City 1639A, 1650 5C, F4 Public Land Allied Directive
103 Amtrack Access Road Belleville Turnpike Kearny 287 40, 41 Public Land Chemical Land Holdings
107 Fashionland 18 Chapel Avenue Jersey City 1505 Z.1 Industrial PPG
108 Albanil Dyestuff 20 E. Linden Avenue Jersey City 1505 Y Industrial PPG
110 Frank's Auto Electric 200 Garfield Avenue Kearny 229 1 Commercial Chemical Land Holdings
112 Ultramar Petroleum #1 Caven Point Road Jersey City     Industrial PPG
112A Ultramar Petroleum #2 Linden Avenue East Jersey City 1494, 1497 1E, 1H, 2, 2V, 2S, 2T Industrial PPG
113 Diamond Shamrock Corp. Belleville Turnpike Kearny 287 46, 47 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
114 Garfield Avenue Site 880 Garfield Avenue Jersey City 2026A, 2016 All Industrial PPG
115 Roosevelt Drive-In Route 440 Jersey City 1290A 14H, 14J, 14D Commercial Allied
116 Standard Chlorine Site 1035 Belleville Tpk. Kearny 287 50 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
117 Ryerson Steel / Mutual Site Route 440 Jersey City 1285 7, 7A, 6, W1, W5 Industrial Allied
119 Droyers Point Kellogg Street Jersey City 1288.A 14 Residential Allied Directive
120 Trader Horn Route 440 Jersey City 1290.1 14D Commercial Allied
121 Garfield Auto Parts 960 Garfield Avenue Jersey City 2040 B1, K, H Commercial PPG
124 Roosevelt Lanes 427 Route 440 Jersey City 1290 12 A Commercial Allied
125 Delphic Consolidation & Distribution 60 Kellogg Street Jersey City 1290 11Q, 1R, 12B Industrial Allied
126 Kuehne Chemical 86 Hackensack Avenue Kearny 298 10+11 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
130 Communipaw 5 (aka site 104 & 105) Communipaw Avenue Jersey City 1746 3C, C5 Commercial Allied Directive
131 Hackensack River Access Road Belleville Turnpike Kearny 287 20R, 27R, 33R Public Land Chemical Land Holdings
132 Town & Country Linen Warehouse 808 Garfield Avenue Jersey City 2006.1 2 Industrial PPG
133 Ross Wax 22 Halladay Street Jersey City 2017 1 H Industrial PPG
134 Old Dominion 100 Kellogg Street Jersey City 1290.1 27-29 Industrial Allied
135 Vitarroz 51-99 Pacific Avenue Jersey City 2017 1 Industrial PPG
136 Exxon Company, U.S.A.-Bayonne Plant Foot Of Twenty Second Street Bayonne A, B-1, B, - Industrial Exxon
137 Rudolph Bass 45 Halladay St. Jersey City 2016 A2 Industrial PPG
138 Bayonne Sewerage Treatment Plant Foot of Oak Street Bayonne 381 10C1 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
139 IMTT (Bayonne Industries) Foot of East 22nd Street, PO Box 67 Bayonne A - Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
140 ABF Trucking 80 Kellogg Street Jersey City 1290 11M-P Industrial Allied
141 Zeneca Inc. (aka: ICI Americas, Inc.) Foot of East 22nd Street Bayonne B A, B, B1 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
143 F. Talarico Auto 846 Garfield Avenue Jersey City 2007 1 - 15 Commercial PPG
144 Bayonne Sewage Pipeline 19th-58th Street and Newark Bay Bayonne Various Various Public Land Allied
145 Bellezza Construction Co. Fish House Road Kearny 287 79, 81, 82R Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
146 Commerce Street Site Foot of Commerce Street Bayonne C 17A6 Public Land PPG
147 Hartz Mountain (Douglas Holdings Corp.) 999 Baldwin Avenue Weehawken 36D 5B, 6B Industrial PPG
148 British Petroleum Corp. Building 350, Coastal Street Port Newark 5078 14, 15, 30 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
149 Seton Leather Co. 349 Oraton Street Newark     Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
150 Coastal Oil Co.(AKA: Belcher Tank Terminal) Foot of E. 5th Street Bayonne 431 C-1, D-1, 10B-4 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
152 Kenrich Chemical 140 East 22nd Street Bayonne 305, 306 2B1, A Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
153 Former Morris Canal Site 1 (aka: Route 440) Route 440 Jersey City 1289.5 E Public Land Allied
154 College Tower Apartments 37 College Drive Jersey City 1284.3, 128 - Apartment Complex Allied
155 Food Town 265 Ocean Avenue Jersey City 1361 A Commercial Allied
156 Gregory Park Apartments 270 Henderson Street Jersey City 1701 1 Apartment Complex PPG
157 The Clean Machine Car Wash Route 440 Jersey City 1290.1 14H Commercial Allied
162 Conrail Rail Spur Between Oak and 5th Street Bayonne None None Residential NJDEP Orphan Site #1
163 Posnak & Turkish, Inc. Foot of Kellogg Street Jersey City 1290A 9H Industrial Allied
165 Tempesta & Sons, Inc. Foot of Jersey Avenue & Aetna Street Jersey City 2145 41R, 41N Industrial Allied Directive
166 Route 440 Extension End of Route 440 Bayonne     Public Land Allied
167 THIRD ST. R.O.W./J.F. LOMMA THIRD ST. AND CENTRAL AVE. Kearny 292 4 Public/Commercial Chemical Land Holdings
168 Third St. R.O.W. And PSE And G Third St And Central Ave. Kearny 293 8 Public/Commercial Chemical Land Holdings
169 Conrail Central Ave. Kearny 296 1 Public/Commercial Chemical Land Holdings
170 Bergen Barrel And Drum O'Brien Street Kearny 150 4B Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
171 Central Ave Between Pennsylvania Ave. and Second St. Central Ave. Kearny     Public Land Chemical Land Holdings
172 Warren Street Warren Street Jersey City 107, 108, 140, 141 B, B1, C, WA2.EA2 Public Land Allied Directive
174 Dennis P. Collins Park 1st Street Bayonne 383, 384 1, 2;1-8 Public Land NJDEP Orphan Site #1
175 Former Morris Canal Site 2 Grand Street Jersey City 60 A, B Industrial Allied Directive
176 Reed Minerals 339 Central Avenue Kearny 298 P/O 19A Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
177 Bayonne Municipal Lot Hook Road Bayonne 418 2 Public Land NJDEP Orphan Site #1
178 Cabana Club Burma Road and Theodore Conrad Drive Jersey City 1497 PL1.B Public Land Allied Directive
180 Eastern Oil Howell Street Jersey City 603, 652 2-3 and 6-7 Commercial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
183 Sludge Line 1 Sludge Line between Randolph Street and Arlington Avenue Jersey City 1974.5 T.1 Public Land Allied Directive
184 M.I. Holdings, Inc. 223 West Side Avenue Jersey City 1287.B 2C, 2D, 3 Industrial Allied
185 Allied Stockpile Jersey Avenue Jersey City 60 33, 34, 42, 19G, 19H Industrial Allied Directive
186 Garfield Avenue #1 947 Garfield Avenue Jersey City 1967 A.2 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #1
187 Route 440 Median Strip Route 440 between Danforth and Carbon Place Jersey City     Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
188 Sussex Street #1 Sussex Street (West of Warren & East of Hudson Streets) Jersey City     Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
189 Henderson Street #1 Henderson and Second Street Jersey City     Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
191 McWhirter Road #1 McWhirter Road and Sellers Street Kearny 150 Adjacent to Lot 13 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
  Port Imperial Marina Pershing Road Weehawken     Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
192 NJ Turnpike Newark #1 Eastern Spur at Piers 10S and 11S Newark     Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
195 Belleville Turnpike #1 Belleville Turnpike and NJ Transit RR Kearny 287 31 Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
196 POTW Outfall Line Former CRRNJ Freight Yard at LSP Jersey City     Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
197 Grand Street Grand Street between Washington and Warren Streets Jersey City     Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
198 Hartz Mountain #1 Land Behind Hartz Mountain Building, Caven Point Road Jersey City 1494 12 & 13 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
199 Sludge Line 2 Sludge Line Between Randolph Avenue and Halladay Street Jersey City 2044.5 A & A2 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
200 Sludge Line 3 Sludge Line Between Arlington Avenue and MLK Drive Jersey City 1788 A Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
201 NJ Turnpike Kearny #2 Belleville Turnpike & NJ Turnpike (Western Spur) Kearny 287 7B Industrial Chemical Land Holdings
202 Caven Point Realty Between Pacific Street and NJ Turnpike 14C Toll Booth Jersey City 2033 7 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
203 346 Claremont Associates NJ Transit Light Rail, 200' East of West Side Ave. Jersey City 1781 A1 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
204 Conrail Edgewater Branch West side of NJ Turnpike at the foot of Monitor Street Jersey City 2154 41C, 56 & 62 Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
205 Urban Redevelopment Parternership 1st Street & Washington Street Jersey City 60 A5, A6, 19L, 19M, 19N, 19Q Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
206 Polarome International 200 Theodore Conrad Drive Jersey City     Industrial NJDEP Orphan Site #2
207 Garfield Avenue #2 942, 944 & 946 Garfield Avenue Jersey City 1948 4B, 42A, 41A Commercial NJDEP Orphan Site #2