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Technical Consultation

The Department has established a process to allow Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) and remediating parties to consult with experienced DEP staff to ask site specific technical questions. These consultations will assist compliance with the Department's applicable Site Remediation rule requirements and technical guidance.

This process will not be used to address legal, regulatory or administrative issues such as timeframes, fees, forms or extensions.

Technical Consultation sessions will be held via video conference call or face-to-face meetings to discuss technical issues related to the remediation of a site.

When should you request a Technical Consultation?

Generally, Technical Consultations should be requested after the Remedial Investigation (RI) stage of the case has been completed. The Department recommends Technical Consultations be requested when substantial progress has been made in the remediation, ensuring that there will be sufficient data available to present to the Department. However, if technical impracticability for ground water is being considered, the Department recommends requesting a Technical Consultation earlier in the remedial process.

To whom should I send my Technical Consultation request?

Contact the following individuals to set up a Technical Consultation for your site:

Ground water issues: MaryAnne Kuserk at 609-984-4421
Migration to Ground Water (MGW) Exposure Pathway Fate & Transport Models: William Carp at 609-777-1386
Laboratory analysis and QA/QC issues: Greg Toffoli at 609-633-2356
Remedial Action Permits*: Alexander Shelkonovzeff at 609-777-1947
Soil contamination and other technical issues: Allan Motter at 609-984-4532

Note: Technical Consultation requests made prior to the submittal of a Remedial Action Permit (RAP) application should be sent to the ground water and/or soil Technical Consultation contact person(s) listed above. The Remedial Action Permit point of contact will be included as a participant of all Technical Consultations to answer any permit related questions as appropriate.

*Technical Consultation requests to the Remedial Action Permit contact should only be made if a permit application was submitted and was withdrawn/deemed technically incomplete. Technical Consultation requests to BRAP should be made after additional remedial work has been conducted to resolve the deficiencies noted in the Notice of Technical Deficiency (NTD) letter. Please note, if additional remedial work has not been completed, but an LSRP still wishes to discuss items within an NTD letter, the LSRP should request a meeting with the permit application reviewer and their supervisor, rather than requesting a Technical Consultation.

What should you have prepared?

When requesting a Technical Consultation, include a summary of why a Technical Consultation is being requested.

An agenda summarizing topics to be discussed at the Technical Consultation is required to be submitted at least a week prior to the scheduled meeting. Any data or figures which will be referenced during the Technical Consultation should be provided at this time as well. While not required, the Department finds that a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the site and remedial history can help facilitate discussion at the Technical Consultation.

At your Technical Consultation conference call or meeting, you will be responsible to provide all figures, maps, data tables and other information necessary to present your questions to DEP technical staff. It should not be assumed DEP staff present at the Technical Consultation have access to or are familiar with case specific information previously submitted to the Department.

Please note that any recommendations provided by the Department during a Technical Consultation session will not be considered "Department approval" of any proposal or plan. All work conducted and any subsequent data collected following a Technical Consultation must be presented to the Department in a key document and is subject to the Department's final review.

How will the meeting be documented?

To ensure there is documentation of what was discussed at the Technical Consultation, the LSRP or remediating party should provide a meeting summary to the Department no later than two weeks following any Technical Consultation in Word and PDF formats. If the Department has comments on the meeting summary, the LSRP or remediating party may be asked to amend the meeting summary before it is recorded. Once finalized, the meeting summary should be submitted as a PDF.

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