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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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NJDEP Program Areas, Divisions & Units


Budget and Financial Operations
Constituent Relations
Division of Information Technology
     Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Unit
Economic Analysis
Emergency Management Program
     Bureau of Communications & Response Services
     Bureau of Emergency Response
General Services and Systems Coordination
Legal Affairs

Office of Audit
Office of the Chief Advisor
Office of Dispute Resolution
Office of Environmental Justice
Office of Equal Opportunity and Contract Assistance
Office of Local Government Assistance
Office of Occupational Health & Safety
Office of Permit Coordination & Environmental Review
Office of Record Access
Division of Science, Research and Environmental Health
     NJDEP Environmental Research Library
Press Office


Division of Air Quality
    Air and Mobile Sources
         Bureau of Air Monitoring
         Bureau of Mobile Sources         
    Air Quality Regulation and Planning
         Bureau of Evaluation and Planning
         Bureau of Stationary Sources
Division of Energy Security and Sustainability
      Bureau of Energy and Sustainability
Radiation Protection Element    
     Bureau of Environmental Radiation
     Bureau of Nuclear Engineering
     Bureau of X-Ray Compliance
Office of Air and Energy Advisor
Office of Operations and Coordination


Division of Air and Hazardous Materials Compliance and Enforcement
     Air Compliance and Enforcement
     Bureau of Hazardous Waste Compliance and Enforcement
     Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks Compliance and Enforcement
     Diesel Enforcement
     Bureau of Local Environmental Management (County Health Departments)
Division of Licensing Operations, Solid Waste and Pesticide Enforcement
     Bureau of Solid Waste Compliance and Enforcement
     Bureau of Licensing and Pesticide Operations
     Bureau of Pesticide Compliance
Division of Water and Land Use Enforcement
     Bureau of Coastal and Land Use Compliance and Enforcement
     Water Compliance and Enforcement
Environmental Safety and Quality Assurance
     Chemical Release Information
     Discharge Prevention
     Pollution Prevention & Right to Know
          Permit Coordination & Environmental Review/EO215
     Quality Assurance


Dam Safety Section
Flood Control Section
Bureau of Coastal Engineering
Bureau of Flood Resilience


Land Use Regulation
     Coastal & Inland Regulation and Urban Growth - Redevelopment
          Bureau of Coastal Regulation
          Bureau of Inland Regulation
          Bureau of Urban Growth & Redevelopment
     Technical Services and Tidelands Management
          Bureau of Technical Support
          Bureau of Tidelands Management & Application Support
Office of Coastal & Land Use Planning
Office of Policy Implementation


Fish & Wildlife
Parks & Forestry
     Community Forestry
     Natural Heritage Program
     NJ Forest Service
     NJ Forest Fire Service
     Office of Natural Resource Restoration
Office of Historic Preservation
Green Acres & Ecological Restoration

Division of Remediation Management
Division of Enf Tech and Financial Support
Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Program
     Bureau of Landfill and Hazardous Waste Permitting
     Bureau of Transfer Stations and Recycling Facilities
     Bureau of Recycling and Planning


Division of Water Supply & Geoscience
     Source Water Assessment Program
     New Jersey Geological Survey
Water Quality
     Municipal Finance and Construction
     Water Pollution Management Element
Water Monitoring and Standards
     Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring
     Bureau of Freshwater & Biological Monitoring
     Bureau of Water Quality Standards & Assessment


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