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PWTA Electronic Submittal Process

The NJDEP's PWTA Program implemented a new electronic data delivery and database system, known as E2/Compass, on April 16, 2007. Certified laboratories should have completed the new registration process (see below) in order to continue to electronically submit PWTA data without interruption. If your laboratory has not completed the new registration process, please follow the instructions for the new registration process that are outlined below. Should you have any questions regarding this new registration process, or any other questions, please feel free to contact the PWTA Program at 609-292-5550 for assistance.

Step-by-step instructions for completing the registration process for a PWTA Laboratory

  1. The E2 Reporting System Laboratory Participation Package provides instructions for registering a Laboratory in E2, creating a NJDEP Online account and password, and obtaining a Personal Identification Number (PIN) used for certification of electronic submissions of laboratory data. Helpful hint - Once your laboratory has successful created an DEP on-line account, log onto to E-2 and complete your laboratory association and your request role and submit it to the DEP. This will assist with expediting the registration process.
  2. A Responsible Official at the laboratory must complete, sign, and submit Form E2-LAB-001: E2 Laboratory Registration Form. This form indicates the Laboratory’s intent to participate in the E2 program and identifies the individuals at the Laboratory who will have Administrator access to the E2 Reporting System. It is recommended that a minimum of two Administrators be identified at the level of Lab Manager and / or Quality Assurance Officer. The Responsible Official may also serve as the Administrator.
  3. The Certifier for the Laboratory results must complete, sign, and submit Form E2-ESA-001: Electronic Signature Agreement. This document serves as a formal agreement between each PIN holder (Certifier) and the NJDEP regarding the responsibilities and use of their PIN. Form E2-ESA-001 must be signed by the Certifier for the Laboratory before a PIN will be issued for the user.
  4. The Laboratory Participation Package, Laboratory Registration Form, and Electronic Signature Agreement may be downloaded from the System Documentation portion of this web site.

PWTA Electronic Data deliverable (EDD) Manual

To help you get started, the PWTA Electronic Environmental (E2) Reporting Manual provides more detail concerning the creation of user accounts, the creation of user associations with a PWTA laboratory, and an overview of the electronic submission reporting process. The EDD Manual also provides the data Requirements for PWTA Laboratory Reports, including detail of the use of XML schema and files and MS Excel details that a Laboratory may want to share with its information technology professionals in order to prepare for making electronic submissions.

PWTA XML Schema and PWTA Excel Spreadsheet

Electronic Submittal Account Inactivation

If a Laboratory chooses to inactivate its electronic submittal account, it should notify the NJDEP Office of Quality Assurance in writing and agree upon an inactivation date, using the following process:

Submit Form E2-LAB-002: E2 Laboratory Inactivation Request Form to request inactivation of their E2 status.

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