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The New Jersey Water Bank (NJWB), which administers New Jersey's State Revolving Fund, is a partnership between the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank (NJIB) to provide low-cost financing for the design, construction, and implementation of projects that help to protect, maintain and improve water quality and projects to ensure safe drinking water.

The priorities and policies of the NJWB are established through this Intended Use Plan. Projects eligible for financing include a wide variety of wastewater treatment works, stormwater management, drinking water systems, land acquisition, and landfill activities.

FFY 2022 (State Fiscal Year 2023) Proposed Amendments to the Final IUP

FFY 2022 (State Fiscal Year 2023) Final IUP

FFY 2022 (State Fiscal Year 2023) Proposed IUP

FFY 2021 (State Fiscal Year 2022) Final IUP

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