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The Partnership: The New Jersey Water Bank

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The New Jersey Water Bank (NJWB) is a partnership between the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank (I-Bank) to provide low cost financing for the design, construction, and implementation of projects that help protect and improve water quality and help ensure safe and adequate drinking water.

The NJWB finances projects by utilizing two funding sources. The Trust issues revenue bonds which are used in combination with zero percent interest funds to provide very low interest loans for water infrastructure improvements. The NJDEP administers a combination of Federal State Revolving Fund (SRF) capitalization grants, as well as the State's matching funds, loan repayments, State appropriations and interest earned on such funds.

Water Bank Stats

Since 1987
$7.6B in low-interest loans
$1.48B in short-term construction loans

Saved an estimated $2.76B in financing costs
Borrowers save $0.5M in interest per $1M borrowed

Projects financed by the Water Bank generated 140k direct construction jobs.

1,666 projects though 1,414 loans
72% Clean Water
28% Drinking Water


Up to 30-year loan terms

Rolling Applications


Rolling Awards for Clean Water Projects based on readiness to proceed

Drinking Water loan awards based upon readiness and Priority Ranking

Construction "Bridge" Loans

No "out-of-pocket" costs

WISE Calculator- Financing Cost Estimate:

The WISE Calculator compares the cost for financing environmental infrastructure projects through an independent bond issuance versus the Water Bank. Information is entered into a short online questionnaire typically requiring less than five minutes to complete. Utilizing independent financial data and the borrower's submitted information, the Calculator immediately generates a Cost Estimate report detailing annual cash flow projections and total estimated debt savings over the life of the loan.