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NJ HAB Response Strategy Document

  Bureau of Freshwater & Biological Monitoring

HABs Reporting
Report a Suspected Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB)
If you observe what you think might be a HAB in a pond, lake, or stream, a suspected Harmful Algal Bloom report, can be submitted by smartphone or PC using the NJDEP HAB Interactive Map Reporting and Communication System. The HAB System will be used to gather initial information such as: location coordinates, photos, known recreational activities, and extent of the waterbody. This information will be used to inform DEP to initiate appropriate response actions. Once the DEP completes the investigation of the suspected HAB, results and any recommendations for public notices or advisories will be communicated through the HAB System. All information and HAB data will be accessible by clicking the location on the interactive map in the HAB System. If a smart phone or computer is not available, reports may also be submitted to the DEP Hotline at 1-877-WARNDEP (927-6337) - If reporting by phone, please note the exact location of the suspected HAB along with any details (e.g., date/time, bloom appearance and color, and if known, whether a swimming beach is nearby or whether the waterbody is a drinking water source like a reservoir).
Photo Credit: NJDEP

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