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Bureau of Freshwater & Biological Monitoring

Lake Monitoring Lakes Fact Sheet

Data Retrieval

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In accordance with the Clean Water Act, network data is used to assess attainment of the water body’s intended uses in the New Jersey Integrated Water Quality Assessment Report (305(b) and 303(d).

A list of New Jersey surface water quality standards and sediment/soil remediation standards can be found at

wqpimage Water Quality Portal

Data from the lake monitoring programs can be retrieved from the national Water Quality Portal (WQP). The Water Quality Portal is a collaborative effort between the EPA, USGS and the National Water Monitoring Council with the goal of integrating water quality data from multiple databases. It brings together physical, chemical and biological water quality data from 900 federal, state and local agencies, all, into one location.

More information on this initiative, including a step-by-step guide on how to download data, can be found on the Water Quality Portal’s webpage.

wqeimage Water Quality Exchange

The Water Quality Exchange, formerly known as STORET, is EPA’s repository for water quality, biological and physical data. Also included in this data warehouse are water quality habitat, metrics and indices. Data from BFBM’s lake monitoring networks are uploaded here and shared on the Water Quality Portal.

Lake Reports

Ambient Lake Monitoring Network Reports

From 2005 through 2009, NJDEP monitored 200 randomly selected lakes for the Ambient Lake Monitoring Network.
The network was designed to provide unbiased, statewide, statistically valid estimates for assessing lake water quality. 40 lakes per year were sampled up to 3 times per year for chemical and physical parameters. Reports for each year are available on the BFBM Publications page.

Historic Lake Reports

BFBM formed an informal partnership with Rutgers University Libraries to digitize historic water quality data with the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL). BFBM warehoused over 200 (229 as of FEB 2021) historic lake reports for the NJEDL. In hardcopy form, the distribution and research of these reports was limited. Digitization of these reports by NJEDL assures simple, effective access that make all resources readily available to anyone interested in any aspect of New Jersey environmental issues.

All historic lake reports are available through the Rutgers Environmental Digital Library. To view a list of lake reports submitted by BFBM, please click here.

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For more information, please contact Johannus Franken, Project Manager,
Bureau of Freshwater and Biological Monitoring at (609) 292-0427.

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