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Bureau of Freshwater & Biological Monitoring

Lake Monitoring Lakes Fact Sheet

Special Projects

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In addition to the Lake Monitoring Networks, the Bureau of Freshwater & Biological Monitoring manages projects with waterbody-specific goals that serve to fill gaps in current monitoring networks. Click on each project to learn more.

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BFBM worked with the EPA in the Mid-Atlantic Region to establish a Regional Monitoring Network (RMN). Data collected from Lake Regional Monitoring Network sites records conditions at high quality sites and tracks changes over time. This data provides important information on whether benchmarks are shifting over time and whether these changes are associated with changing thermal and hydrologic conditions. RMN data from high quality sites can also be used for the Clean Water Act Section 305(b) assessments as well as 303(d) Program.

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Round Valley Reservoir

Project Objectives:

  • Annual monitoring at Round Valley Reservoir was initiated in 2001.
  • Monitoring at the Round Valley Reservoir is conducted to fulfill the statutory requirements included in Assembly Bill No. A2793 amending R.S. 58:4-1, which was passed by the New Jersey Legislature on May 4th 2001. In it, the statute states,

    "... the Commissioner of Environmental Protection shall provide for the continuous monitoring of the impacts associated with releasing water from the Round Valley reservoir for the purpose of sustaining water recreational activities at the Spruce Run reservoir."

  • The BFBMís sampling efforts at the reservoir aim to monitor potential water quality effects, in particular nutrients, that the release of Round Valley water may have on the Spruce Run Reservoir.

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For more information, please contact Johannus Franken, Project Manager,
Bureau of Freshwater and Biological Monitoring at (609) 292-0427.

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