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The Department has transitioned to an electronic WQMP application system.  With the adoption of the new WQMP rules, all applications must be submitted electronically, and therefore, applications will only be accepted electronically through the DEP portal here, ( and or with the button to the right.

The electronic system for submitting applications to amend the WQMP will handle the processing of applications more efficiently, while accomplishing several goals.

  • The electronic system will eliminate administratively incomplete applications.  The system is designed to prohibit the submission of an application unless all the required elements are attached.  While it may still be necessary for the Department to follow-up with applicants to address substantive issues with the information submitted, the system will ensure that there won’t be entire segments of required information that are simply not submitted. 
  • The system will create an electronic record that will allow the Department and applicants to easily identify when information was submitted and recover any information that may be necessary to complete an application review.  Additionally, the electronic system will automatically populate the initial fields in the Department’s database system, NJEMS, thereby saving administrative resources and reducing the possibility of data entry error. 
  • The system will generate emails automatically to specific entities, such as the Highlands Council or Pinelands Commission to alert these agencies that an application has been submitted to the Department. 
  • Because the system will only accept applications that are complete, the electronic system should reduce the amount of time from the date of receipt of the application to the date of public notice.  Often, a critical piece of the application, such as the GIS shapefile of the property, is not included in the initial application.  It is a common deficiency identified by the Department in its initial review.  A complete initial application will reduce processing time. 
  • Electronic applications to the Department to amend a WQM plan shall include documentation demonstrating compliance with the notification and consultation requirements provided at N.J.A.C. 7:15-3.5(f), (g) and (h).  Applicants will be required to certify that they provided the application information to certain entities, including the WMP agency when they are not the applicant.  The electronic application system will not accept the submission unless and until the applicant provides this certification.

Submission of additional information after initial amendment/revision submission

The electronic WQMP application system was only designed to receive initial WQMP amendment or revision applications.  After technical review of an application, if additional information is required, this information will need to be submitted directly to the project reviewer or as identified in any correspondence indicating what additional information is necessary.  Follow up required information, cannot be submitted via the e-WQMP portal.

Technical Requirements

Establishing an Account for Submitting an Application:  The electronic WQMP application system can be accessed via the myNewJersey Portal at  You will be required to have a myNewJersey Portal account to access NJDEP's online services.  If you do not have a myNewJersey Portal account, you will be able to create one during the registration process.  You will also be able to use this same myNewJersey account to access other services provided by other New Jersey Departments.  Please read the following instructions carefully to create an account

GIS Requirements:  The electronic WQMP application system requires applicants to submit a GIS shapefile with their application.  Please note that shapefiles are required--this system will not accept AutoCad extensions (which include but are not limited to; DST, DWF, DWFx, DWG, DWS, DWT DXB, DXF, etc.)  The GIS Shapefile must be populated with attributes or the shapefile will not be processed and the system will not allow the applicant to continue with their application.  Please refer to detailed GIS Shapefile Submittal Directions here:

Video Demonstration: A step-by-step demonstration has been developed by the WQMP program to assist in the successful submittal of an application.  This informative video takes an applicant through each step for submitting a full WMP, a WMP component, a site-specific amendment and a revision.  You can easily navigate through the video to the specific set of instructions you need for the type of amendment being submitted.  See below under the heading e-WQMP Amendments and Revisions Application Demonstration Videos.

The videos provide step-by-step instructions for each type of WQMP amendment or revision at the time intervals identified below:


Introduction: 0:00 - 0:52 Takes 1 min
Account Setup 0:53 - 04:55 Takes 5 minutes
Overview 04:56 - 09:25 Takes 5 minutes


Complete WMP 09:26 - 26:47 Takes 18 minutes
WMP Component 26:48 - 41:05 Takes 15 minutes
Site Specific 41:06 - 57:50 Takes 17 minutes

Average is 17 minutes for Amendments.


Intro 00:00 - 00:47 Takes 1 minute


Corrections 00:48 - 08:05 Takes 8 minutes
Highlands Correction 08:06 - 16:12 Takes 9 minutes
Pinelands Correction 16:13 - 24:49 Takes 9 minutes
Transfer 24:50 -34:24 Takes 10 minutes
Revised Schedule 34:25 - 42:28 Takes 9 minutes

Average is 9 minutes for Revisions.