A "Hire" is the initiation of a working relationship between a licensed real estate company and a licensed real estate individual.

Hires can be performed online by the Broker of Record for a company through their NJDOBI Online Licensing Services Menu. Please note the Disclaimer (*) at the bottom of this page.

Online Hires

1. Who does the hiring? the Broker of Record for a company can do the online hiring
2. Which companies can hire? only actively licensed companies with unexpired licenses can have their Brokers perform online hiring
3. Who can be hired online?:
Brokersalespersons, Salespersons and Referral Agents.

The individual being hired must have:
- an "inactive" license status (not actively associated with another company);
- completed the required continuing education (unless seeking a referral agent license);
- an unexpired license or a license that expired less than two years ago;
- no other issues that would require the submission of a paper license.

4. When can the hire be effective? the effective date of a hire cannot be prior to the licensee's original licensure date or last termination date and cannot be a future date

Additional Considerations for Online Hire with License Type Change:

a) During the hire process, a Salesperson or Broker-Salesperson may have their license type changed to Referral Agent
b) During the hire process, a Referral Agent may be changed to Salesperson (if all education requirements have been met).

Additional Considerations for Online Hire which includes a License Renewal / Reinstatement:

    a) The licensee being hired cannot have a license which has been expired for more than 2 years.
    Ex. If it is currently July 1st, 2015, and your license expired 6/30/2013, you can no longer be hired online, you must submit a paper application to the Real Estate Commission. Appropriate education and exam requirements must have been met before the paper application will be considered.

    b) There are certain restrictions on processing a hire of an expired license online:

    - Out-of-state companies may not process the reinstatement of a licensee online
    - Licensee must have submitted a Qualifying Questionnaire with no disqualifying answers
    - Reinstatements may not be back-dated

NOTE: For any other license type changes or reinstatements that cannot be processed on-line, a written application must be submitted to NJDOBI Licensing Services, Real Estate (see address below).

    * Disclaimer: The New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance reserves the right to modify the rules governing all online processes available to companies and persons licensed by the Department.