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The On-line Qualifying Questionnaire
You will be required to complete and submit your own online questionnaire whenever your license needs to be renewed, reinstated, or reactivated after a period of inactivation of 45 days or more. No paper questionnaires will be accepted. The answers you indicate on the questionnaire should be specific to you alone and pertain to you as an individual.

Please remember: the submission of your qualifying questionnaire DOES NOT renew, reinstate or re-activate your real estate license.

Your license must be submitted for these actions by the Broker of Record of the firm which you're employed or becoming employed. The Broker of Record will not have the capability of renewing or hiring you until you've successfully submitted your qualifying questionnaire AND completed any required continuing education.

Click here for detailed instructions concerning the on-line Qualifying Questionnaire.

Continuing Education Requirements
In order to qualify for license renewal at the end of every 2 year licensing period, you must complete the Continuing Education requirement for that renewal period. Please be aware that it will take approximately 10 business days for the confirmation of your completed continuing education to be transferred from the school to the testing vendor to the Real Estate Commission.

WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR CONTINUING EDUCATION, if NJDOBI does not have the confirmation in time for your broker to renew your license by June 30th of the renewing year, your license will be expired, and you will need to have your license reinstated showing a break in service as of July 1st of that year till your license reinstatement date.  All necessary reinstatement fees will apply.

Click here for detailed instructions concerning Continuing Education Requirements