License Type Change

A "License Type Change " is the ending of one type of real estate license and the beginning of another. The online license type change can be performed in conjunction with the "online hiring" of a new employee OR can simply be used to change the license type of an already existing employee of the company.

This process can be performed online by the Broker of Record for a company through their NJDOBI Online Licensing Services Menu. Please note the Disclaimer (*) at the bottom of this page.

License Type Change

    An active brokersalesperson, salesperson or referral agent for a company can have their license type changed online by the Broker of Record for their company. The following rules apply:

    1. A Salesperson or Broker-Salesperson may have their license type changed to Referral Agent.
    2. A Referral Agent may be changed to Salesperson.
    3. You cannot perform an online license type change for a licensee who is a Branch Office Supervisor.
    4. Continuing Education Requirements must have been met for the appropriate licensing period UNLESS the target license type is Referral Agent.

    NOTE: For any other license type changes or reinstatements that cannot be processed on-line, a written application must be submitted to NJDOBI Licensing Services, Real Estate (see address below).

    * Disclaimer: The New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance reserves the right to modify the rules governing all online processes available to companies and persons licensed by the Department.