A "Termination" is the ending of the working relationship between a real estate company (sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership) and a licensed real estate individual (broker, brokersalesperson, salesperson, referral agent).

A termination can be performed online by the Broker of Record for a company through their NJDOBI Online Licensing Services Menu. Please note the Disclaimer (*) at the bottom of this page.

Online Terminations

    1. Who does the terminating? the Broker of Record for a company can do online license terminations

    2. Who can a Broker of Record terminate?
    only active Brokersalespersons, Salespersons and Referral Agents within the company

    3. Who cannot be terminated online?
    a Broker of Record or Temporary Broker of Record cannot be terminated online

    4. When can the termination be effective?
    the effective date of a termination is entered by the Broker, however it cannot be prior to the date the individual was hired by that company and cannot be a future date.

    * Disclaimer: The New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance reserves the right to modify the rules governing all online processes available to companies and persons licensed by the Department.