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Our Shared Waters: A Look at the Delaware River Basin
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Our Shared Waters: A Look at the Delaware River Basin is a DRBC-managed public outreach effort of multiple Delaware River Basin stakeholder groups to educate the public and decisionmakers about the current state of the basin and the opportunities available to play a role in its continued sustainability now and for future generations.

As DRBC was putting the finishing touches on its State of the Basin Report, we realized that, in addition to sharing the commission's view of the state of the basin, we also wanted to create a comprehensive look of the basin’s waters by including inputs from a wide range of stakeholders to include: public and private water purveyors, NGOs, non-profits and residents. 

DRBC submitted an application to the William Penn Foundation (WPF) to support this effort, which was granted in early 2019. The WPF supports this project's goal of collectively bringing together multiple interested parties to look at the State of Our Basin and its critical role in supporting clean, healthy water for drinking and other everyday needs, as well as for business, industry, recreation, and fish and wildlife.

The Our Shared Waters campaign is multi-faceted, encompassing an online/digital presence, community event participation, and experiential opportunities for basin residents to get out on the Delaware River.

As part of its online component, Our Shared Waters created a website and Facebook page to share information about the basin, as well as help our partners spread the word about their organizations, upcoming events and activities to a basin-wide audience. We are also currently developing an interactive website for the DRB community to contribute to a collective evaluation the basin’s waters, as well as postings of reports, upcoming activities and photos. Think of the latter like "Yelp for the DRB."

Our Shared Waters partners are also participating in a variety of community events to connect face-to-face with the public, share information about the Delaware River and the many organizations that are working to protect it, and encourage stewardship of our shared water resources.

The campaign also includes experiential opportunities to get people on, along, or above the basin's waterways. Working with the Delaware River Sojourn, several "sojourn scholarships" are available that will get individuals on the river for a day of safe paddling and learning. We also plan to partner with the Bayshore Center at Bivalve to get people sailing on the Delaware River aboard the AJ Meerwald, a restored twin-masted oyster schooner. Other potential opportunities include fishing lessons, getting aboard the Steamboat SPLASH and flying with Lighthawk.

While DRBC got the funding from WPF, and we facilitate Our Shared Waters’ different components, this isn’t a DRBC program. It belongs to all of us who work, play, and depend on the waters of the Delaware River Basin.

Our Shared Waters is currently funded to run through October 2020.

For more information, please visit OurSharedWaters.org and like/follow Our Shared Waters on Facebook.

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