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Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leader Network


The New Jersey Teacher Leader Network (NJTLN) was established by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) so that its members could collaborate around a shared mission of developing teacher leaders to positively impact student outcomes.

The NJTLN exchanges ideas, shares materials, and provides support to the organizations within its network, along with other educators across New Jersey invested in developing teacher leadership.


  1. Develop and share thinking that informs the development of high-quality teacher leader programs, and;
  1.  Provide a set of guiding principles and recommendations for building strong, sustainable teacher leader initiatives in school districts.

NJTLN Participation:

The NJTLN comprises representatives of the various entities that are allowed to be providers of the teacher leader endorsement —  specifically institutes of higher education, education organizations, nonprofit entities, including school districts, and a combination of these entities.

It is important to note, however, that organizations within the Teacher Leader Network are not required to pursue the path of being an approved program provider for the Teacher Leader Endorsement. The purpose of the network is to support organizations who believe in building strong, sustainable teacher leadership with the option of utilizing the Teacher Leader Endorsement as a catalyst for reaching this goal.

NJTLN Organizations:

Higher Education:

  •  Rowan University
  • Stockton University

Education Organizations:

  •  New Jersey Education Association
  •  New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association


  • East Brunswick Public Schools
  • Jackson School District
  • Madison Public Schools
  • North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School
  • North Plainfield School District
  • Northern Valley Regional Schools
  • Somerville School District
  • Summit Public Schools
  • Weehawken Township School District


  • Kean University, Plainfield Public Schools, Scotch-Plains Fanwood Public Schools

For more information or to express interest, please contact the Office of Evaluation.