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Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs)

SGP is a measure of how much a student improves his or her state test performance from one year to the next compared to students across the state with a similar score history.

mSGP Release Process

Step 1. Access educator mSGP scores.

mSGP reports for principals, assistant principals and vice principals will be delivered the same way they are for teachers, through NJSMART. This represents a change from prior years, when school leader mSGP reports were delivered through NJ Homeroom.

Account access and permissions are administered and managed by your district Web User Administrator.

Access Educator mSGP Reports

Step 2. Confirm that qualified educators have received a score, and if needed, access full course rosters to correct or create mSGPs.
NJSMART users have the ability to export a full data extract. This full export will include principal and AP/VP, teacher and student data that provides districts with all data necessary to verify educator mSGPs.

NJ SMART Course Roster Access Click-by-Click Guide

Course Roster Verification and Submission Guide

Guidance on Multiple Years of Data to Calculate mSGP

Procedures for Addressing mSGP Data Issues

Step 3. Share mSGP scores and complete summative evaluations with mSGP educators.

In 2018-19, the mSGP counts for 5% of each qualifying teacher’s and 10% of each qualifying principal’s and AP’s/VP’s evaluation. To calculate a final evaluation score, mSGPs are converted to a 1.0 - 4.0 score according to the Median Student Growth Percentile Conversion Chart, then weighted and included along with the other components of evaluation.

Median Student Growth Percentile Conversion Chart

Share Teacher mSGP Reports Protocol

Share Principal and AP/VP mSGP Reports Protocol

Teacher mSGP Report User Guide

Principal mSGP Report User Guide

SGP Video

Evaluation Scoring Web Page

Step 4. Certify all 2018-19 evaluation data through the Evaluation Information System (EIS), and initiate all CAPs within 25 working days of EIS release.

EIS allows districts to review evaluation data, correct any errors that occurred during the initial data submission, and certify the accuracy of each staff member's final score.

Note: The EIS submission requires district leaders to provide a reason for each missing evaluation if their EIS reports show that any educators were not evaluated.

Detailed Steps for EIS Completion

Evaluation Information System Technical Manual (accessed in the EIS)

Procedures for Addressing mSGP Data Issues

Overview of PDP and CAP Requirements

Optional Teacher CAP Template and Sample (Word | PDF)

Optional Blank Teacher CAP Template (Word)