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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in New Jersey

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in New Jersey

Student Learning Needs Assessment Rubric Root Cause Analysis Improvement Plan Implement and Progress Monitor Annual School Planning

Implementation and Progress Monitoring

When the improvement plan with SMART goals is completed, it will become the school's blueprint for implementation throughout the year. Annual school planning teams must set checkpoints along the way to monitor progress toward goals. This provides an opportunity to reflect on the implementation of the Annual School Plan as it relates to the school's progress toward academic success for all students. 

Once the plan is implemented, annual school planning teams should review the interim goal section of the Annual School Plan regularly to reflect on the school's progress. Annual school planning teams also must make decisions about sharing this information in a timely manner with all stakeholders and continually use these data to drive all instructional decisions.

Throughout the school year, the annual school planning team reviews both summative and formative data to determine whether action steps have been implemented and whether goals have been achieved. As annual school planning teams move from year to year, decisions will be made about continuing with established goals or moving in a different direction. As always, data should drive decision-making with the goal of increased student achievement.

Implementation and Progress Monitoring Training Module