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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Visual and Performing Arts

All About Arts Assessment
  Forms of Assessment
* Written Questions (essay, short answer, completion)
* Observation, from ArtsWork
* Performance Assessment
(and portfolios)

Video of Dale Schmid
An overview of the dance assessment video
Videos showing assessments
* Dance: Developmental Phases of Technical Proficiency
* Dance:
Comparison of Levels and Styles (lyrical and bravura)

  Various Arts Assessment Examples
Guidelines for Arts Assessment: from the Arts Assessment Training Series (CCSSO: the Council of Chief State School Officers) - PowerPoint.
* Musical Theater Assessment Scoring Guide (in Word)
* Summative Assessment Question (for theater; in Word)
* Creativity and Invention Rubric (in Word)
  The Standards
* National Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Education [PDF]
* New Jersey: matrix of standards and strands (a Web page); continuum of strands and cumulative progress indicators (in Word)
* National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) standards for Early Childhood [PDF] and K-12 model programs (in PDF).

Additional Resources
* Authentic Assessment in the Arts (rubrics for dance, and about assessment for learning; a PDF file; from the Journal of Dance Education).
* Classroom Assessment: Minute by Minute, Day by Day, from Ed Leadership (a 7 page PDF file).