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New Jersey Student Learning Standards

Social Studies

U.S. Senate Youth Program

Application Process

Please be advised that 2019-2020 United State Senate Youth Program application materials will be sent to districts via the NJDOE broadcast system by early September. For more information, please review the United States Senate Youth Program youth brochure (see link in resources box). Students who meet the application criteria should let their guidance counselor and/ or principal know that they are interested in becoming their school's nominee.

Two New Jersey students will be selected as delegates by an esteemed panel in the fall to represent the State of New Jersey at the week-long educational program in Washington, D.C. and receive a one-time undergraduate college $10,000 scholarship.

Student candidates must:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements
  • Be the school's sole nominee and obtain the principal's signature on the 2019-2020 New Jersey Application Form;
  • Follow the directions listed on the 2019-2020New Jersey Application Requirements document;
  • Complete the 2019-2020 New Jersey Application Form using a computer or typewriter;
  • Attach a two-page student essay, double spaced, using Times New Roman size 12 font with ½" margins, describing:  
    • Leadership experiences in a student government, civic or educational organization;
    • Involvement in community and public service activities;
    • Ways in which your passions, motivation or creativity contribute to your school or community;
    • Interest in and desire to learn more about this country's political processes;
  • Include a one-page resume describing awards and accomplishments, after-school activities, work experiences, and service to school and community (use Times New Roman size 12 font with ½" margins);
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from the principal; and a letter of recommendation from the class, student council or organization advisor. Letters should be on letterhead with principal/advisor's name, title, and signature. Information about student's specific accomplishments as well as evidence of leadership and motivation should be included in recommendation letter.

Additional Information

  • Original application packets must be received by October 11, 2019 by mail. No faxed copies accepted – no exceptions allowed.
  • If any of the components or information is missing from the final application packet, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.
  • If a high school submits more than one nomination, neither nomination will be considered.
  • Time constraints will not allow for return of applications for correction or completion.