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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

Bilingual Education

ACCESS for ELLs™ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we administer Tiers A, B, and C in the same test session? 
Students will not need to be placed into tiers for the online ACCESS 2.0 test.  For the paper version, different tiers cannot be tested together.

2. If score reports will not be available until summer, how do we determine if a student is ready to exit?
Districts can double test (using one of the three state-approved language proficiency tests, or the W-APT test) and use all other multiple measure criteria.

3. Will students be required to reach a specific test score before they exit a program?
Students should reach at least a 4.5 to exit a program. New Jersey will continue to use multiple criteria to determine exiting from a program.

4. Can a paraprofessional administer the ACCESS?
No. The ACCESS test must be administered by a certified teacher. The teacher must take test administrator training and pass the online test.

5. What if my Pre-ID labels are incorrect?
Districts will have the opportunity to correct them when the labels arrive.

6. What if we have high school seniors who will take native language AHSA, do these students need to take ACCESS?
No. They must only take the MACII and receive a score of 530.

7. When ordering Pre-ID labels, how are <1 year students coded?
They are coded as 00.

8. When will districts receive a bill for tests ordered and used?
Districts will be billed in August when they receive test scores.

9. Where do we find the language codes for Pre-ID labels?

10.  If a new student enters a district after the spring ACCESS test administration, what is the procedure?
Districts may use one of the three state-approved language proficiency tests, or the W-APT (screener) test.

11.  Is the speaking portion of the test scored on a separate answer form, or recorded in the test booklet?