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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

Governance & Leadership Development

Change knowledge has a bias for action. Developing a climate where people learn from each other within and across units, and being preoccupied with turning good knowledge into action, is essential. Turning information into actionable knowledge is a social process. Thus, developing learning cultures is crucial. Good policies and ideas take off in learning cultures, but they go nowhere in cultures of isolation.

Michael Fullan (2009)
Leadership Photo

Effective governance and leadership skills for administrators are essential to the state’s school reform initiatives.  In order to assist administrators in the development of these critical skills, in 2008, the Department of Education established the Professional Learning Community Network (PLCN) exclusively for New Jersey’s school leaders.  The focus of the department’s research-based program has been directed toward the collective needs of school leaders as they seek common leadership solutions to critical challenges.  The program called Leaders Learning from Leaders aims to provide a collegial network across the state that can ultimately improve teaching and learning.

In order to further the strength and development of the network, the department offers presentations by highly effective educators throughout New Jersey who are willing to share their expertise with all who attend. The sessions are regional and they are guided by the region’s Leadership Advisory Council, a group of accomplished educational leaders.  Topics covered in the sessions are aligned with the 21st Century goals, the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders, and the Governor’s Reform Agenda.