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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

The No Child Left behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 was signed into law on January 8, 2002 by President Bush. The act represented the President's education reform plan and contained the most sweeping changes to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) since it was enacted in 1965. NCLB changed the federal government's role in K-12 education by focusing on school success as measured by student achievement. The act also contained the President's four basic education reform principles:

  • stronger accountability for results;
  • increased flexibility and local control;
  • expanded options for parents; and
  • an emphasis on teaching methods that have been proven to work.

NCLB remains in effect until June 30, 2016 and will be replaced by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) signed into law December 10, 2015. See the transition timeline here.

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