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This information has been preserved for historical purposes. It is not current.

Regional Achievement Centers

When schools succeed,
students ACHIEVE.

As outlined in New Jersey's No Child Left Behind waiver, the Department underwent a fundamental shift from a system of oversight and monitoring to service delivery and support. The Department will recognize high performing "Reward" schools and has shifted significant resources and support to "Priority" and "Focus" schools, those schools that are the lowest performing in the state or that have significant achievement gaps.

Nine field-based Regional Achievement Centers (RACs) staffed with expert school turnaround teams will work directly with Priority and Focus Schools to implement proven turnaround principles and dramatically improve student achievement.

Although the RACs will focus on schools as the main unit of change, significant collaboration and communication takes place with school districts to ensure cohesive, sustained improvement.

If interventions are implemented faithfully, the Department believes that each Priority and Focus School should achieve sustained, positive growth in student achievement that dramatically narrows the achievement gap and sets schools on a trajectory for preparing all students for college and career.