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Even Start Family Literacy

Even Start Family Literacy Program - New Jersey Department of EducationThe New Jersey Department of Education, through its Office of Language Arts Literacy Education, administers the United States Department of Education’s Even Start Family Literacy Program.  The focus of the Even Start Family Literacy Program is to improve the life chances for New Jersey families by:

  • Providing instruction to children ages birth to seven that will result in children reading on grade level by age seven;

  • Empowering parents to become their children’s first teachers, drawing on the home and family unit as the most influential learning environment;

  • Providing adult education instruction that leads to the attainment  or improvement of literacy skills and the achievement of economic self-sufficiency;

  • Developing community partnerships to form a network of providers that, individually and collectively, take responsibility for providing and strengthening family literacy services (Guide to Quality:  Even Start Family Literacy Program, 2001).