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English Language Learners (ELL) in the Mainstream

Blue Diamond Overview/Introduction

Bureau of Bilingual/ESL Education
Academic Standards (NJCCCS)
Assessment and Evaluation

Blue Diamond Goals and Objectives
Blue Diamond Part One: The Students
Blue Diamond Part Two: The Theory of Second Language Acquisition
Blue Diamond Part Three: Sample Teaching Models and Strategies
Blue Diamond Part Four: Let's Put it All Together
Blue Diamond Glossary
Blue Diamond Resources

Sample Audio Segments of English Language Learners

Videos of Experienced New Jersey Teachers

  • Elementary
    Sandra Nahmias
    Harrison E.S.
    Roselle, NJ
  • Middle
    Eva Rogozinski
    Christopher Columbus M.S. , Clifton, NJ
  • High
    Debra Franek
    West Orange H.S.
    West Orange, NJ
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