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WIDA Screener Test

WIDA Screener PAPER was fully launched June 30, 2016. For purchasing information, go to the "WIDA Screener" tab at: For more information on the PAPER version, go to  

WIDA Screener ONLINE will become available after completion of the standard setting work, anticipated in October, 2016.

In the WIDA Portal (though, District Coordinators can see the WIDA Screener tile(s), have access to training materials and the downloadable, consumable test materials.  They can also provide Permission to others via the User Account Management & Training tile in the secure portal of the WIDA website.

Although the W-APT will remain available and supported through 2016–17, the new WIDA Screener will eventually replace it, offering a number of significant advantages over W-APT. To learn more about WIDA Screener Paper and WIDA Screener Online, please select the relevant mode (Paper or Online) at: