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8/13/18 Podcast Episode 18 – ELL Advocacy Part 2

8/1/18 WIDA Download Library

7/24/18 Podcast Episode 17 – ELL Advocacy Part 1

7/18/18 Bilingual/ESL New Supervisor’s Fundamentals Webpage

7/18/18 Bilingual/ESL New Supervisor’s Fundamentals Checklist

7/18/18 2018-2020 Bilingual/ESL Model Programs

7/9/18 ACCESS Administration Dates 2018-2019

6/27/18 Podcast Episode 16 – Linguistically Diverse Classrooms w/ Mary Curran

5/29/18 ELLs: State of the State

5/1/18 Enrollment for Newcomers: Aligning Credentials Across Academic Borders

4/10/18 Focus Bulletin Identifying ELLs with Specific Learning Disabilities

4/10/18 Supporting High School Completion by Immigrants and Refugees

4/10/18 Doing and Talking Math and Science

3/26/18 Feedback Needed: New WIDA ELD Standards Framework

3/13/18 Now Available: Episode 15 - Language Education with Nelson Flores

3/8/18 PARCC Participation for High School English Language Learners

3/8/18 Update on ACCESS for ELLs 2018 Test Administration

2/22/18 Now Available: Episode 14 – Beyond Borders with Kevin LaMastra

2/20/18 FAQ for Displaced High School Students

11/16/17 Now Available: Episode 13 - ELL Teacher Preparation with Bryan Meadows

11/2/17 SEI Training of Trainers Application Now Open

11/2/17 Updated ELL Count on NJDOE Reports

10/30/17 Now Available: Episode 12 - History of ELL Education in NJ With Barbara Tedesco

10/11/17 Enrollment of Students Displaced by Recent Hurricanes

9/12/17 2018-2020 Dual Language Model Program Application (PDF)

9/5/17 Fall Checklist for New Bilingual/ESL/ELS Supervisors and Coordinators

9/5/17 2017-2018 Bilingual/ESL Professional Development Calendar

8/28/17 Now Available: Episode 11 - Leading Schools and ELLs with Jay Doolan

8/23/17ACCESS 2.0 Administration Dates 2017-18

8/7/17 Now Available: Podcast Episode 10 with David Nash

7/17/17 Now Available: Podcast Episode 9 with Ericka Okafor

6/26/17 Now Available: Podcast Episode 8 with Jacqueline Moore

6/16/17 Now Available: Podcast Episode 7 with Angeline Sturgis

6/16/17 Register Now - Parent Expo: - Biliteracy for Student Success

6/8/17 THREAD – An Approach for Recruitment and Retention of Bilingual Professionals

5/8/17 Second Language Learning Regional Model Programs Initiative Bilingual/Bicultural Education District Application Form 2018-2020

5/8/17 Second Language Learning Regional Model Programs Initiative English as a Second Language (ESL) District Application Form 2018-2020

5/5/17 Immigrant Students and School Enrollment

5/5/17 Dual Language Programs Resource Guide

5/1/17 Updated ELLs in NJ Infographic

4/27/17 Supporting Our ELLs Modules

4/26/17 Newcomer ELL Summit Slide Shows (December 2016)

4/26/17 Executive Order Fact Sheets for Families

4/26/17 Bilingual Certification in New Jersey Updated April 2017

4/20/17 Now Available: Podcast Episode 5 with JoAnne Negrin

4/4/17 Now Available: Podcast Episode 4 with James Lenton

3/31/17 Three Year Plan Open for 2017-2020

3/31/17 Bilingual Waiver Open for 2017-2018

3/27/17 Statement on the Enrollment and Continued Education of Undocumented Students

3/15/17 Former ELL Monitoring Form Example

3/15/17 ACCESS Scoring Changes

1/30/17 Now Available: Podcast Episode 3 with Yasmin Hernandez

1/11/17 Now Available: Podcast Episode 2 with Tim Boals

1/5/17 What's New ACCESS 2016-2017

12/13/16 New Requirements and Changes for ACCESS for ELLs 2.0

12/8/16 Early Childhood Summit: Bridging the Gap in Early Learning: Preschool through Grade 3

12/8/16 English Language Learners and School Enrollment – Guidance and FAQ

11/23/16 Now Opened: SEI Training of Trainers Application

11/21/16 NJTESOL/NJBE ELL Library Archives

11/21/16 New Jersey Bilingual Code Webinar Recording (September 2016)

11/21/16 Implementing ELL Program Services Webinar Recording (September 2016)

10/11/16 How ELLs Are Counted on New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Reports

10/7/16 NJ SMART State Assessment Collection (Includes ACCESS PreID)

10/7/16 2017-17 ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Webinars/Q & A Schedule

10/7/16 WIDA AMS Troubleshooting Chart

9/13/16 Seal of Biliteracy Acceptable Evidence of Proficiency

9/12/16 Fall Checklist for New Bilingual/ESL/ELS Supervisors and Coordinators

8/23/16 Brief on Bilingual Paraprofessionals

8/23/16 Reference Guides for Registering Students With Non-English Names

8/23/16 WIDA Screener Test

8/23/16 Dual Language Learners Toolkit

8/23/16 New York State Bilingual Glossaries

7/19/16 Updated/New Parent Portal in Spanish Release

6/28/16 Seal of Biliteracy

6/10/16 2016-2018 Model Program Information Bilingual/ESL

6/10/16 Bilingual Certification in New Jersey

5/18/16 Implementing ELL Programs Document

5/18/16 WIDA Placement Tests

5/18/16 Taking Action for ELLs: Foundational Concepts

3/16/16 Providing ELL Services During State Assessments

3/11/16 Transferring Students for ACCESS 2.0

3/11/16 Submitting Incomplete WIDA ACCESS 2.0 Online Tests

3/11/16 ELL/LEP Parent Civil Rights Fact Sheet

3/11/16 Can Do Descriptors, Key Uses Edition

2/9/16 ACCESS for ELLs Parent Handout

1/19/16 Alternative Programs for SIFEs

1/19/16 NJ Parental Rights in Special Education Translations

1/19/16 Superintendent ELL Executive Summary

12/14/15 ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Webinar Recording

12/14/15 Portfolio Appeals and High School Graduation for ELLs

12/14/15 ACCESS 2.0 Writing Options

10/29/15 Resource Guide: Supporting Undocumented Youth

10/29/15 ACCESS Testing and Accounts - Who to Contact

10/29/15 WIDA AMS Overview

9/15/15 Fall Checklist for New Bilingual/ESL/ELS Supervisors and Coordinators

9/15/15 NJDOE ACCESS 2.0 FAQ

8/20/15 Guidance on Title III and Private Schools

7/29/15 Title III Consortium Start Up Guide

7/29/15 NJSMART and ELLs FAQ

7/29/15 ELL Program Toolkit

6/17/15 Second Language Regional Model Program Information

6/1/15 ACCESS 2.0 Prep Resources

4/20/15 Reframing Refugees Toolkit

4/20/15 NJ Career Assistance Navigator and ELLs

3/27/15 CDS Bil./ESL/ELS Contact Entry

3/27/15 Biliteracy Webinar

3/27/15 Model Curriculum ELL Units

3/2/15 PARCC and ELLs Frequently Asked Questions

2/5/15 W-APT Administration Revisions

2/5/15 ACCESS Price Change Memo

2/5/15 FABRIC – A Learning Paradigm for ELLs

2/5/15 ELL Count on NJDOE Reports

2/5/15 PARCC and ELLs

2/4/15 EL Civil Rights Joint Guidance

12/8/14 Bilingual Program Structure Training

12/8/14 2014-2015 ACCESS Ordering Memo

11/14/14 New Jersey ELL Program Types

11/14/14 Professional Development Slides and Materials

11/14/14 Family Engagement: Authentic Partnerships for Increasing Achievement

11/14/14 WIDA Parent Webinars

10/22/14 English Language Learners in New Jersey Infographic

10/22/14 Second Language Regional Model Programs 2014-2016

10/22/14 WIDA District Test Coordinator Update

10/22/14 A Parent Involvement Guide for Educators in English Language Learner Programs

8/26/14 Unaccompanied Immigrant Children

8/25/14 Fall Checklist for New Bilingual/ESL/ELS Supervisors and Coordinators

8/15/14 ACCESS Coordinator Account Changes

8/15/14 NJ Writing Proficiency Growth

7/8/14 ACCESS for ELLs 2.0

5/28/14 Title III Guidance to School Districts

5/6/14 2014-2015 ACCESS for ELLs™ Timelines for New Jersey

5/6/14 Bilingual/ESL/ELS Three Year Program Plans 2014-2017

1/24/14 Updated Websites for Teachers

12/2/13 New Jersey Department of Education, Offices of Special Education and Title 1 English Language Learners (ELLs) Question and Answer Document

9/26/13 ACCESS for ELLs® Series 302 Changes

7/31/13 What Can be Expected from English Language Learners (ELLs) on the HSPA

7/29/13 Updated New Jersey Institutions Offering ESL/BE Endorsements

5/16/13 WIDA RTI2 (Resource Page)

5/13/13 Second Language Learning Regional Model Programs Initiative Bilingual/Bicultural Education District Application Form 2014-2016

5/13/13 Second Language Learning Regional Model Programs Initiative English as a Second Language District Application Form 2014-2016

12/3/12 Updated Resources for Newcomers and Students with an Interrupted Formal Education (SIFEs)

10/4/12 A Parent's Handbook to New Jersey Schools

10/4/12 Immigrant Family and Community Engagement in the Schools

10/4/12 What Can be Expected from ELLs on the NJASK

6/30/12 Guiding Your EL Program to Success By Strengthening Your Knowledge Base

6/5/12 The Common Core State Standards and the WIDA ELD standards for teacher educators

6/1/12 2012 Amplification of the WIDA English Language Development Standards

5/1/12 Model Programs Bilingual/ESL 2014-2016

5/1/12 ESL Curriculum Exemplars

9/3/11 Enrollment of Immigrant Students and/or Undocumented Students