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Professional Development Offerings – School Year 2021-2022


To support schools to meet the in service training requirements under the Bilingual Education administrative code (N.J.A.C. 6A:15-1.8) and the Every Student Succeeds Act Title III ESEA Section §3115(c), the N.J. Department of Education (NJDOE) will provide professional development to all educators (N.J.A.C. 6A:8-3.1) who support the academic and English language development of English language learners (ELLs).

Required participation from educators/personnel who:

  • Provide in-class instruction, such as ESL, bilingual and mainstream teachers to ELLs
  • Supervise bilingual/ESL/dual language programs
  • Observe and evaluate teachers of ELLs

Professional development will focus on sustained, job-embedded, and data-driven professional development activities that will support educators to:

  • Implement instructional strategies and appropriate assessments to help ELLs meet the NJSLS and the WIDA English language development standards
  • Understand the use of curricula, assessment measures, and instructional strategies for ELLs students

Ongoing/Self Pace Toxic Stress & Well-Being among Students Affected by Forced Migration (Open to all educators, counselors, etc.)

09/01/2021 – 08/21/2022 WIDA Self-Paced eWorkshop Package
(Open to all educators, must have WIDA login – e-Learning Courses tile)

Ongoing /Self-Pace     NJDOE Entry and Exit Requirements for ELLs
Ongoing/Self-Pace      NJDOE NJSMART and ELLs
Ongoing/Self-Pace      NJDOE Three Year Plan


School Year 2021 – 2022

Registration will open approximately one month prior on the NJDOE Events Page. Registration instructions:

  • Each individual must register only for themselves; people with multiple registrations will be deleted.
  • Ensure your email is entered correctly.
  • After registration, if you no longer are able to attend, contact Bilingual/ESL Unit to remove you from the list or alternatively designate a colleague to attend with your credentials; there is often a waitlist.
  • Do not register for a training if your schedule does not permit live participation.
  • Interested educators who are unable to attend trainings may reach out to the Bilingual/ESL Unit after the training for a recording, if available.

    Pending                                     Stockton Sheltered English Instruction Online

    08/04-08/05/21, 08/23/2021  WestEd Sheltered English Instruction Train-the-Trainer

    10/19-20/2021                         NJDOE New Bilingual/ESL Supervisors Training Part I and II

    10/27/2021                               NJDOE Experienced Bilingual/ESL Supervisors Training(AM)

    10/27/2021                               NJDOE Experienced Bilingual/ESL Supervisors Training (PM)

    10/22 and 10/29/2021              WIDA: Nurturing Speaking Growth (Live Webinar Dates)

    11/03 and 11/10/2021              WIDA: Nurturing Speaking Growth (Live Webinar Dates)

    11/18/2021                               NJDOE Three Year Plan Content & Form Training 

    12/07/2021    NJDOE ELL Topics: Bilingual Programs in N.J. & Parents Rights – Policy (Part 1 of 4 - LEAs)

    01/2022                                     WIDA: Learning through 2 Languages for School Leaders

    02/2022                                     WIDA: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support 

    02/17/2022     NJDOE ELL Topics: Bilingual Programs in N.J. & Parents Rights – District Strategies (Part 2 of 4 - LEAs)

    03/09/2022      NJDOE Bilingual-ESL Policy and Program Requirements (Charters Only)

    03/9/2022                                    WIDA: Reading Supports for Multilinguals (15 weeks)

    04/05/2021      NJDOE ELL Topics: Bilingual Programs in N.J. & Parents Rights – What does it mean that my child is an “ELL”? (Part 3 of 4 – Parents)

    06/08/2022       NJDOE ELL Topics: Bilingual Programs in N.J. & Parents Rights – Parent to Parent (Part 4 of 4 – Parents)