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Bilingual Education
Bureau of Bilingual/ESL Education
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The New Jersey Department of Education
Office of Student Achievement and Accountability
Bureau of Bilingual/ESL Education
in collaboration with
Rowan University, Kean University, and William Paterson University of New Jersey

Teacher Professional Development in Sheltered English Instruction
2009-2010 Fall Institute

The Office of Student Achievement and Accountability, in collaboration with three local universities, will be sponsoring a year-long professional development opportunity for teachers who work with English language learners.  As increasing numbers of immigrant students enroll in New Jersey schools, it is critical that all teachers develop the skills to effectively work with this population.  The multiple challenges faced by immigrant students to master the English language and meet rigorous academic standards necessitates that all school personnel develop the capacity to work effectively with this linguistically and culturally diverse student body. Participants will receive training in Sheltered English Instruction and will be able to implement content area lessons that have proven effective with English language learners.

There is no cost to participating district staff; however, participants must commit to the follow-up meetings and site visits from university faculty during the school year that will ensure the model’s success.  Because of the year-long support activities associated with this project, it is important that the participants for the training be selected with those activities in mind. The training focuses on effective methods for teaching content subjects to English language learners; therefore district teams should be composed of teachers of content area subjects.

If you would like to request registration forms or have any questions, please contact the project director.

Southern Region:
Rowan University
Dr. J. Harold Sahm, Project Director

Central Region:
Kean University
Dr. Susan Polirstok, Project Director
(908) 737-3750

Northern Region:
William Paterson University of New Jersey
Dr. Anna Maria Schuhmann, Project Director
(973) 720-2137