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NJDOE Bilingual/ESL Podcast - Bite-sized conversations about ELL education

Archived Episodes

Episode 9 - - BUFs with Ericka Okafor: Ericka is the Supervisor of Bilingual Studies, ESL, and World Languages for Camden City, and has been working to implement a framework for bilingual instruction for her district’s ELLs. In this episode, she explains the purpose of biliteracy unit frameworks (BUFs) as well as what implementation has looked like in her district.

Episode 8 - - Sheltered Instruction with Jacqueline Moore: Jacqueline Moore supervises the professional learning and ELL programs at Howell School District, an ESL Model Program District. This position gives her a unique perspective on training content teachers that work with ELLs using Sheltered Instruction strategies. In this episode, she describes the steps her district took to successfully train teachers to engage ELLs in English-medium classrooms.

Episode 7 - - Angeline Sturgis: Angeline Sturgis is an expert on ELL family involvement. In this episode, she discusses the steps she took to engage families in her school.

Episode 6 - - Promoting K - 12 Biliteracy with Rebecca Field: Rebecca Field is the director of the Language Education Division of Caslon Publishing and a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania. In this episode, she explains the importance of promoting biliteracy for English language learners.

Episode 5 - - JoAnne Negrin: JoAnne Negrin is the President of the New Jersey Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages/ New Jersey Bilingual Educators (NJTESOL/NJBE), and she helped organize the New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy pilot. In this episode, she provides context for what the seal represents and how it benefits students.

Episode 4 - - James Lenton: James Lenton's position as New Jersey's state-wide refugee coordinator gives him a unique perspective on a refugee's experience in U.S. schools. In this episode, he discusses the backgrounds and assets that refugee students bring to school.

Episode 3 - - Newcomer ELLs with Yasmin Hernandez – Manno: Yasmin Hernandez-Manno is the Executive County Superintendent for Mercer and Middlesex counties in New Jersey. In this episode, she describes best practices for programs working with newcomer English language learners based on her experience as the director of a newcomer center.

Episode 2 - - WIDA and Supporting ELL Educators with Tim Boals: Tim Boals, the Founder and Executive Director of the WIDA Consortium, describes what WIDA is doing to support ELLs.

Episode 1 - - Equity for ELLs with Karen Campbell: Karen Campbell, Director of the Office of Supplemental Educational Programs at the NJ Department of Education, explains the importance of equity.

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