New Jersey Department of Education

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Bilingual Waiver Requests

A school district may request a waiver from N.J.A.C. 6A:15-1.4(d), which requires full-time bilingual education for districts that enroll 20 or more students that are in any one language classification.  To receive a waiver, districts must establish annually an instructional alternative program type with the approval of the Department when there are 20 or more students eligible for the bilingual education program in grades kindergarten through 12.  The school district must demonstrate that it would be impractical to provide a full-time bilingual program due to the age range, grade span, and/or geographic location of eligible students.  Districts implementing alternative program type(s) must also submit, on an annual basis, student enrollment and achievement data that demonstrate the continued need for the programs.  Districts can establish multiple alternative program types to meet the needs of its population.

  • Submissions can be made through under "Bilingual".  User IDs and passwords are distributed by district Web User Administrators.  Please contact the district Web User Administrator if you have difficulty logging into the system.
  • Districts approved to operate under a Bilingual Waiver
  • Pages 14-16 of Implementing ELLs Programs describe review components of the Bilingual Waiver.  Please take the description of each review component into consideration before submitting the Bilingual Waiver for your district.

Note: A Bilingual Waiver will not be approved if it is requested due to funding or staffing shortages.  Also, if a district adds or eliminates an alternate program type, it must resubmit its Bilingual Waiver to the Department for approval.