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Portfolio Appeals and High School Graduation for ELLs

Districts may submit portfolio appeals for English language learners (ELLs).  The portfolio appeals process is described in the following broadcast:

Districts may translate constructed response tasks (CRTs) into an ELL's native language, and an ELL may respond in his/her native language.  The Appeals program also allows electronic translators, Dragon speak, etc.   The district must translate or transcribe the student's responses and the CRTs into English before sending the Appeals to NJDOE.  The MAC II Test of English Language Proficiency is not required for the Appeals program.

Note: For an ELL to test in his/her native language, ELL status must be determined by a State-approved English language proficiency test (see, and an ELL must currently be enrolled in a language assistance program. In addition, he/she must have entered a U.S. school, not including Puerto Rico, in the ninth grade or later. If you have questions regarding the eligibility requirements for ELLs, please contact