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Bilingual/ESL Educator Fundamentals

A starter guide for educators to support access and equity for English language learners (ELLs)

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This Dear Colleague Letter outlines federal regulations that protect the educational rights of all students, including immigrants.

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The Bilingual Education Code outlines what schools must do to provide equitable educational access to ELLs.

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Implementing ELL Programs describes the allowable English language services as per the Bilingual Education Code.

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THREAD provides districts with creative hiring practices to recruit and retain bilingual educators.

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FABRIC provides educators who are not familiar with instructing ELLs with strategies to provide ELLs access to content while learning English.

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The EL Toolkit is a companion resource to the Dear Colleague Letter and provides a sample of tools and resources related to each chapter.

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Enrollment for Newcomers aligns credentials across academic borders to support students who enroll in a New Jersey school from a country outside the U.S.

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This issue of WIDA Focus On discusses factors that influence the instruction of Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFEs).

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Bilingual/ESL New Supervisor’s Fundamentals Checklist and Key Points includes information new supervisors should know in their role, such as ELL identification, assessments, data reporting and funding.