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Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Title III Federal Statute*

Title III Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students 

  • Sec. 3001.  Authorizations of appropriations; condition on effectiveness of parts.

Part A English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement Act 

Subpart 1 Grants and Subgrants for English Language Acquisition and Language Enhancement 

In General - subgrants for ELLs
Required Reservations - subgrants for eligible immigrant students

  • Sec. 3112.  Native American and Alaska native children in school.
  • Sec. 3113.  State and specially qualified agency plans.
  • Sec. 3114.  Within-state allocations.
  • Sec. 3115.  Subgrants to eligible entities.
    • Purpose of (ELL) subgrants
    • Administrative expenses
    • Required subgrantee activities
    • Authorized subgrantee activities
    • Activities by agencies experiencing substantial increases in immigrant children and youth
    • Supplement not supplant           
  • Sec. 3116.  Local Plans.

Subpart 2 Accountability and Administration 

Subpart 3 National Activities 

  • Sec. 3131.  National Professional Development Project. 

Subpart 4 Definitions 

Part B Improving Language Instruction Educational Programs (not currently in effect)
PART C General Provisions 

*Italics were added for clarification