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A Guide to Spending Title III Funds

If your school district offers an ESL or Bilingual program, there is a good chance your district receives Title III English language learner (ELL) and/or Title III Immigrant funds.  While there are allowable costs that may be funded by Title III and Title III Immigrant, this money cannot be used for the core program that is mandated by the New Jersey Bilingual Education Code, or to supplant costs for which a district has in the past funded with local funds.  For example, if a particular activity in the past year was paid with non-federal funds, the same activity the following year cannot be paid with federal funds.

More information and guidance on how school districts can serve ELLs with federal funding is provided in the Title III Immigrant Federal Funding Resource Document.

Title III ELL Consortia

Subgrants must be at least $10,000 or districts may form consortia to meet the minimum.  Districts must develop a Memorandum of Understanding or Alternative Arrangement to enter into a Title III ELL consortium.  The fiscal agent of the consortium is responsible for ensuring that consortium members fulfill their fiscal and programmatic responsibilities as subgrantees under Title III ELL.

Guidelines for Title III Consortium Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement between Lead Applicant LEA and Participant LEAs (Title IIII Consortium Start Up Guide)