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Mathematics CAR Templates

The Connected Action Roadmap (CAR) Instructional Units are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations among educators in authentic Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) related to curriculum, instruction and assessment using the CAR Framework. PLCs can make modifications to the instructional units to meet their school district’s needs. The next steps will be for school districts to allow educators to collaboratively design, implement and reflect on the instructional units so that they are able to meet the needs of all learners.

The ultimate goal is for all educators and their students to better understand what students need to know, understand and be able to do. With the development of common student learning objectives, a systemic process for continuous improvement and more equitable instruction can be realized. 

Note: The Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) were developed by New Jersey educators in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Education. The Connected Action Roadmap (CAR) unit template was developed by the New Jersey Principal and Supervisors Association.

These instructional units were developed using the CAR  framework, a tool for instructional improvement. Both are part of a larger toolkit the Department is developing, in collaboration with partner associations and organizations, to assist all districts to deliver high-quality, standards-based curriculum, instruction and assessment. Although the tools are available free of charge, school districts are not mandated to use them. Instead, school districts are free to choose, and use, the tools that they feel are best suited for the success of the students they serve.   


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