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Fiscal Calendar

General Deadlines for Office of Charter and Renaissance Schools

Due Date Requirements
31-Jul Submit June Board Minutes
  Submit Year-End Auditor Information
1- Aug Submit Annual Lease and Facility Documents per Annual Report
31-Aug Submit July Board Minutes
30-Sep Submit August Board Minutes
31-Oct Submit September Board Minutes
30-Nov Submit October Board Minutes
  Submit Annual Fiscal Questionnaire
  Submit First Quarter (July-Sep) Financial Reports
31-Dec Submit November Board Minutes
31-Jan Submit Revised Budget based on October 15 enrollment count
  Submit December Board Minutes
28-Feb Submit January Board Minutes
  Submit Second Quarter (Oct-Dec) Financial Reports
30-Mar Submit Annual Budget Summary, Itemized Narrative, Cash Flow Statement and Board Resolution
31-Mar Submit February Board Minutes
30-Apr Submit  March Board Minutes
31-May Submit  April Board Minutes
  Submit Third Quarter (Jan-Mar) Financial Reports
30-Jun Submit May Board Minutes

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