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Interdistrict Public School Choice

Student Application Timeline for Parents for Enrollment in the 2018-2019 School Year

Printable Timeline for Parents (PDF)

Document Name/Process From Received by Deadline
Student Application
(Request from Choice District)
Parent or Guardian Choice District 12/1/2017
Notice of Intent to Participate
(Required if registered in resident district public school or applicant is Tier 1)
Parent or Guardian Resident District


Lottery held (if applicable) Choice District n/a 12/14/2017
thru 12/18/2017
Notice of Conditional Acceptance, Rejection, or Wait Listing Choice District Parent or Guardian 12/20/2017
Student's Notice of Intent to Enroll
in the Choice District
(Provided by the Choice district; Submit to only ONE choice district)
Parent or Guardian Choice District 1/5/2018
Student Registration with Choice District Parent or Guardian Choice District Determined by Choice District

Late applications: 

Parents must contact the choice district to inquire about whether it accepts late applications.

Some districts may accept late applications after the December 1, 2017, deadline until October 15 of the enrollment year, however, late applicants will be considered for enrollment only after those who applied before the deadline.

If any accepted choice students decide to drop their acceptance before the start of the school year, the district may replace them with students on the waitlist, including students who applied after the December 1st deadline--provided late applicants are considered after those who applied before the deadline.

Exception to Late Application Policy:

When extenuating circumstances occur, the Commissioner may grant a waiver of the student application deadline, allowing a student to submit an application and be accepted to a choice program. Waivers will only be granted by a showing of "good cause" and when a student's educational conditions are such that an immediate transfer is needed. Waivers will not be granted for convenience reasons such as missing the application deadline. Typically, student enrollment must occur immediately upon approval of the waiver, however each waiver will be considered based on the specific circumstances of the student.  Parents can request a waiver form by emailing  the choice program office.